A 100 watt smile – Benefits of teeth whitening

December 7, 2012

Benefits of Teeth Whitening.

Are you determined to keep those pearly whites intact? It’s unbelievable the amount of damage we do to the teeth whilst eating, drinking, chewing and smoking daily, without realising its detrimental and long lasting consequences on our confidence and psychological health. Of course we can only reduce the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, tea & coffee and foods that stain easily but the damage already done needs to be corrected especially if it brings you down when interacting with people and affects your confidence.

Women wanting brighter, whiter teeth

Greater confidence academically, professionally & socially

Whether you are at college, university, work or in a party, a smile can work wonders at showing you true personality, making one appear friendly and outgoing and an overall warm and pleasant person. It allows you to display your fullest potential and to get the most out of everyday life, alongside releasing happy hormones. A person with a bright smile automatically appears as intelligent, reliable and overall successful according to research carried out by psychologists. It is one of the first things that people base their impression on before they even start talking to you, being of utmost importance for job interviews and meetings.

Teeth Whitening as a perfect Christmas gift

A lot of socialising is a huge part of the festive season but if you have friends & family who are usually shy to take part in such activities due to their cosmetic appearance and especially their dull, yellow smile, there cannot be a perfect present for them then a Teeth Whitening makeover. If not a present, it can work amazingly as a pick me up to battle the winter blues for yourself and to bring some ‘light’ into your life and feel rejuvenated before the new year.

girl smiling on her graduation dayTeeth Whitening for a special occasion

Graduation, prom and weddings require flashing those teeth uncountable times be it for people or pictures. Make the most out of your special occasion without holding back and cherish the moments years after in photographs with a teeth whitening treatment. Investing in a smile makeover is just as important as investing in a beautiful apparel and getting your hair and make-up done to complement your overall appearance and to let your personality shine through.

Teeth Whitening for Anti-ageing

With innumerable cosmetic surgery treatments on the market, it is often overlooked what role teeth whitening can play in dramatically taking off those years from the face. The convenience of a 1 hour treatment that can be done and dusted with in lunch time and the ease of which it is carried out without any pain or recovery period, makes it a quick and cost-effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and to effectively correct years of staining, with teeth literally more than 5 shades brighter and whiter than before.