Acne Treatment

November 19, 2011


Ever wondered why your acne clears up after a few days in the sun? Well now you can receive all of the beneficial effects of sunlight on your skin without harmful UVA or UVB rays.It would take 4 hours of the brightest sunlight without sunscreen to equal one of these 40 minute treatments.
How many treatments are needed?

Light Therapy consists of two 40 minute treatments per week for 6 weeks and then cuts back to one treatment per month to maintain results.
Note that AHA Peels or Enzyme Therapy is often performed before LED Light Therapy to compliment the treatments. Exfoliation treatments are an excellent combination and can accelerate the desired result.




Blue Light
Penetrates into the follicle, destroys acne causing bacteria, removes redness and irritation..

Green Light
Penetrates through the epidermis and reaches dermal capillary beds. Green light decreases melanin production, has regulating and soothing effects.




Yellow Light
Absorbed by body fluids it affects lymph & blood circulatory systems, promoting wound healing and reducing inflammation.




Red Light.
Absorbed by all tissues especially the dermis. It has the most regenerative properties.