Amoreh Facial

November 14, 2011

Title: Amoreh Facial
When: 23.11.2011 04.00 – 7.00
Where: Gants Hill – Essex
Is a natural and gentle ancient Egyptian healing technique
We store our emotions on our faces, and through this technique it is possible to release what you emotionally feel without fuss in a caring and soothing manner
Through a technique that involves gentle hands-on holding and light-touch massage of the face, it can help release the held emotions that are stored within and throughout your whole body
Slight shifts and gentle releases may be experienced in the body
The ancient form of healing is a powerful technique that is also enjoyably soothing to experience
It assists you in your own being and it allows you, to FEEL YOU – again
It allows you to re-connect to your own body and listen to what it is ‘telling’ you

Healing with stones – to further assist at another level
The Endocrine balancing technique – for gentle head and mindful relaxation


Venue : Shumaila’s Hair & Beauty

Street : 568 CRanbrook Road

City : Gants Hill, Ilford

County : Essex

Post Code : IG2 6RE