Anti Ageing Beauty Myths Busted

Anti Ageing Beauty Myths Busted

1. Skincare shopping depends on age. There is only skin type and current skin concerns that should affect your skincare shopping and not age. It’s because the beauty industry does not use drastically different ingredients in skincare aimed at 50 plus than what it uses for a person aged 25 years. All those products geared for ‘mature’ women simply cobble age groups of 50 to 80 together and assume they all will be helped with a set of ingredients.

Your skin type should play an important role in skincare shopping, such as using a light moisturiser during the day, a rich one at night, a brightening serum if your skin is lack lustre and so on. Current skin conditions such as an unexpected bouts of spots can also be of vital importance in skincare shopping, but definitely not age.

2. Anti-Ageing Skincare can replace Botox. This is an anti ageing beauty myth that can cause a lot of pain when busted for strong believers of skincare, who feel lotions and potions can replicate these clinically administered procedures. Skincare ingredients, anti-ageing or any for that matter, do not have the ability to reach the targeted areas of concern to show visible results. Molecules of many skincare products being so large, are unable to seep through layers of skin, reach the area of concern and plump it up.

Even if Botox was applied topically to the skin, it doesn’t have the ability to do anything at all. It’s only when it’s injected carefully into the facial muscles does it prevent them from wrinkling or creasing any further. Albeit not a painful procedure or one that’s gossiped about any more, Botox and Dermal Fillers are the only two procedures that will show anti-ageing results on the face.

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3. Hyperpigmentation comes with age. Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, brown spots, uneven skintone or whatever you would like to call it is and will always be as a result of unprotected sun exposure. That is, years of skipping SPF when out and about in the sun. The results of this can show in your late 20’s or in your 40’s depending on how much tanning you have indulged into. Because the skin condition usually coincides with older aged women, we are led to believe that it develops as a result of hormonal imbalances that come with age.

No, it’s only sun’s way of telling us that it’s harmful effects will be seen on the skin sooner or later. Now that Spring/Summer is here, get your SPF out and make sure it’s high, i.e. 30 and above. Also indulge in regular Microdermabrasion sessions in your 20’s to effectively peel out uneven layers of skin and any introductory formation of hyperpigmentation.

4. Collagen & Elastin based products work. They work as great moisturisers, to bind more water and keep skin hydrated and supple but that’s about it. You cannot expect collagen and elastin in skincare products to actually increase the natural supply of these substances in the skin or even bind with existing supply of it.

The collagen in skincare products that actually absorbs into the skin is made too small to absorb hence diminishing it’s ability to bind with natural collagen already present in the body. As mentioned above, collagen and elastin based skincare products will only act as good moisturisers. They cannot lift up sagging skin, tighten loose contours or fill deep wrinkles as that’s something that only Botox and cosmetic surgery is reserved for.

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