Anti-ageing tips from Shumaila’s

Anti-ageing tips from Shumaila’s

OK we all know that sleep is vital for wellbeing and health but according to recent research it could also help you look younger. The study commissioned by Estée Lauder has found that people who don’t get enough sleep showed signs of increased skin ageing and also meant your skin took longer to recover from external factors such as UV exposure and environmental stresses. So it seems you really do need your beauty sleep. However, alongside getting lots of sleep there are ways you can ensure that you stay looking your best for as long as possible.






Your lifestyle contributes a lot to how well you age so simple things like getting enough sleep (especially after this new survey), eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, using sunblock and quitting smoking will all help you hold back the hands of time. While a good skincare regime can also be a great way of looking younger so make sure you cleanse your skin well and moisturise daily. While regular facials can also help your skin stay in the best possible condition.


Giving nature a helping hand

That said if you do feel you have started to age and you want to reverse that process there are treatments you can have to give nature a helping  hand. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to go under the knife in order to do so. Getting a face lift or any kind of cosmetic surgery is daunting because you have to have so much recovery time and it’s quite a big step to take.


But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on anti-ageing treatments all together. Instead, there are a number of treatments that you can have that are completely non-invasive and that really do work. We have probably all heard of Botox by now but it can really help ease the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. The idea behind it is that it stops the nerve impulses responsible to for causing muscle contractions from sending messages to the brain stopping them contracting and causing lines and wrinkles. The beauty of the treatment is that is completely non-invasive with virtually no recovery time.


If you have slightly deeper wrinkles and lines then you could try dermal fillers – which are a biodegradable, natural gel and is known as a liquid facelift and will help plump up your skin. This irons out the skin and lines and wrinkles giving the skin a smoother appearance.


Another good anti-ageing option is a CACI, or non-invasive, facelift – it is a pain free alternative to going under the knife as it firms the facial muscles by toning them and recharging them while you relax. What’s more it helps your skin replenish itself from within by helping it produce more collagen which is the building blocks of younger looking skin. While a course of derma roller treatment could also help your skin produce collagen by making a series of fine wholes on the skin forcing it to produce collagen making it younger and firmer.


Therefore, you don’t have to give into the aging process instead with a few simple procedures you really can turn back the clock.

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