Autumn beauty tips

September 22, 2013

So autumn is clearly just round the corner which means that your summer beauty regime will probably have to change a bit. But what should you be doing this autumn to make your beauty regime appropriate for the season? Because if you get on top of your beauty regime now then when winter does hit you can be sure that the dehydrating winter conditions don’t wreck your hair and skin. So here are our top autumn beauty tips.




Get into condition

Your hair can take a knocking in the summer months while cool outdoor weather and warm indoor environments created by central heating can leave your hair dry and damaged so start conditioning your hair now. It’s important to use a treatment twice a week as this way your hair will stay in the best possible condition. It is also really important to use products that don’t contain alcohol as this can strip out moisture from your hair. So if you want to keep your hair looking sleek and smooth it’s time to get into condition. Also don’t forget to get your hair trimmed so that any split ends can be dealt with before winter cause even more.


Get your skin ready

If you want to get you skin ready for the winter months you will need a targeted skincare regime in order to add some much needed moisture. So try adding a moisture rich serum to your daily routine which will really add a much needed boost. Regular facials will also keep your skin in great condition and give it a real lift and you’ll soon notice a marked difference in the appearance of your skin.


Also take advantage of the time you spend sleeping as it is overnight when your skin starts repairing itself so invest in a good overnight face mask or cream to take advantage of that replenishment time.

Don’t forget your hands

Your hands also take a bashing in the winter months just as your skin does so don’t neglect them. This is because frequent hand washing, cold temperatures and cleaning product can take the moisture out of your skin. Therefore, it’s really important to wear rubber gloves when cleaning and to use an intensive moisturiser throughout the day. While applying manicure oils to your cuticles will help your nails grow stronger and regular manicures will give you a much needed boost in the winter months.


Don’t neglect your body

In winter and autumn when you start to wrap up more it can be so easy to forget about your body now that it is a little less on display but dry scaly skin is going to keep you from feeling your best. Therefore, get a good loofah or body scrub to keep your skin exfoliated and make sure you don’t skip the body moisturiser. While treatments like a body wrap will help keep your skin looking its best over the winter months.


So with the night’s stating to draw in and the weather getting colder now is the time to start thinking about your autumn beauty regime so you can stay looking fab all the way to next summer.