Be top of the crop with Shumaila’s

Be top of the crop with Shumaila’s

If there is one hair style that seems to be en-vogue it has to be the crop, with the likes of Anne Hathaway, Emma Roberts and now Beyonce (although the R&B superstar recently fitted extensions to turn it into short bob) – even model Coco Rocha has recently chopped off her fiery red hair into a chic pixie crop which made her look amazing. She put a before and after photograph on her Instagram and it really showed how fab she looked – as it really showed off her cheekbones and great bone structure.


The before and after shot. Photo: cocorocha/instagram

The before and after shot. Photo: cocorocha/instagram

However, can a crop be good for you? A lot of people think they can’t pull off a cropped look as they think it is just for younger people or at the other end of the scale for a lot older people. However, it is an incredibly versatile haircut that will suit any age and any face shape.


So if you are thinking of going for the chop what do you need to consider?


A lot of people assume that crops can look masculine and frumpy but if you go to a good hairdresser it can actually shave years of your look and also it can look incredibly funky and sexy. This is because a good crop actually softens the face and makes your eyes really pop as well as define the jawline and give your neck a swanlike appearance. What’s more it can even act a bit like a facelift, and let’s face we all want to look younger, because a cropped hair do if it is cut behind the ears or swept away from the face can be as effective as a brow or even a face-lift.


Maintaining your crop

So once you have decided to take the plunge (and let’s face it why not?) what do you need to do to consider to keep it looking amazing as long as possible? Well the first thing is it actually an incredibly low maintenance look so you can put down the heated styling tools and give your hair a much needed break so if you have damaged your hair with over styling and dying etc a crop will not only cut away all the dead hair but also because it is so easy to style will be a great way of giving time to replenish itself – all you need is a bit of wax to give it a style. However, a crop will need regular trims to keep it looking its best so you will need to get it cut every six  weeks or so even if you are trying to grow it as you will need regular trims.


However, because a crop cut is so versatile and youthful it has to be worth going for and after all hair does grow back so what’s to lose?


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