Beat the winter blues with Shumaila’s

October 20, 2013

So with winter nights starting to draw in a lot of people may start to feel a little bit down in the dumps and if you are feeling a little under the weather and in need of a pick me up why not book in for a fab beauty treatment? There is something about getting pampered that can make you feel great no matter how grim the weather but what treatments should you get this winter?



If you want to be cheered up and to relax after the stress of the summer then what about a relaxing massage? Not only is a massage incredibly relaxing but it will also relax your muscles, relieve tension, calm agitated nerves, stimulate the lymphatic system, release toxins, melt fat deposits, improve blood circulation and skin texture.



Because you will be well and truly be pampered when you get a relaxing massage you will also feel the psychological benefits as you will have a change to clear your thoughts and get a new perspective on life – perfect when the winter weather is starting to get you down.



In summer when we have to wear skirts and shorts most of us spend a lot of time worrying about what our legs look like (after all they are out for everyone to see) but with winter comes tights and trousers and so the temptation is to neglect our legs. However, if you start to neglect your beauty regime it can make you feel dull and unattractive. Therefore, getting your legs waxed will help you look and feel your best. Waxing is long lasting so you won’t have to spend hours and hours getting your legs in shape (so important in the run up to Christmas) but even if they are not on display just knowing they have been waxed will help you feel better.


Body wrap


I don’t know about you but I often feel a bit more bloated in the winter months. A combination of comfort foods and layers of clothing can make me feel a little like the Michelin man and with the party season around the corner that is not a good look. However, a slimming body wrap could be a great solution. Not only will you have a relaxing beauty treatment but you could even lose a few inches in the process. The idea is that the body is slathered with a body mask formed of an amalgamation of various herbs of medicinal and therapeutic value, exotic salts, natural seaweed, and aromatic essential oils before you are wrapped in warm cloths (perfect in the cold winter months). The idea is that the wrap will help target bloating by removing excess water so when you leave the salon not only would you have had a warming and relaxing beauty treatment you will also look and feel better – a perfect way to beat those winter blues.