Beauty tips for new mums

July 17, 2013

With the world on tenterhooks waiting for news of the Royal baby and with people like Kim Kardashian recently giving birth to her baby North never have pregnant celebs been in the news more. However, after the pregnancy comes the baby and this is the time when things like a beauty regime can go out of the window as you adjust to your new lifestyle and spend all your time thinking about the little one. And let’s face it we don’t all have personal trainers, stylists, hairdressers and nannies on speed dial but can mere mortals still look good as a new mum?


Photo: Castillo

Photo: Castillo

Well now that you have to spend more time looking after the new baby it does mean that you don’t have as much time for your beauty regime but Shumaila’s has a handy guide for being a yummy mummy with our top beauty tips for new mums.



If you had a high maintenance hair regime before now is the time to scale it back and go for a simpler style as you won’t have time to spend ages blow drying your hair etc and instead will probably just be able to run a brush through your hair. What’s more you may notice that your hair thins after you have had your baby as during your pregnancy fewer hairs fall out thanks to the increased oestrogen but after you give birth more this hair starts to fall out. You can’t stop it happening but different hair styles and products can help it look fuller and more luxurious.

If you can get a babysitter and have an hour or so to spare booking in for a haircut could help cut down your beauty regime as your hairdresser can not only advise you of the best hairstyle to make your hair look fuller as well easier to style so will save you time in the long run. A short hairstyle or one you can pull back with ease will be your new best friend as it will be easy to style and will stop your hair being pulled by little fingers.


You need to give your makeup routine a bit of a make-under you will want to look for multitasking products that take seconds to apply so ditch the complicated makeup that takes hours to apply and go for a simple look. For a really simple pick me up using eyelash curlers takes seconds but can really open up sleepy eyes. It’s also really important not to ditch your skincare regime but instead go for products that are easy to use such as cleansing wipes which can remove the day’s gunk with ease and won’t eat into the precious time reserved for sleep.


If you do get a chance for some pampering then a manicure can be a great treat. However, try not to completely neglect your nails. Instead, cut them short and keep them in trim (which is gentler on baby soft skin as well) and If you have time a slick of clear nail varnish will make you feel polished.


Of course if you do have a sympathetic baby sitter on hand why not book in for a relaxing treatment such as a massage so you can feel truly relaxed and have some real me time.