Best Teeth Whitening Options: For quick and long lasting pearly whites

July 20, 2013

Did you know that a smile plays a vital role in first meetings with people? Apparently sparkling pearly white teeth is what helps people gauge things about your personality at first instance. It also helps employers believe you are more reliable and trustworthy and first dates thinking you are confident and charismatic. One of the lesser known benefits of teeth whitening is that it instantly makes one appear younger and takes years off the face. Yellow, stained teeth just like wrinkles and fine lines are giveaway of years of wear and tear. Why not combat yellow teeth with the best teeth whitening options.

Whitening Toothpaste, Mouth Wash & Dental Floss


The powerful threesome are all you need to keep your teeth in good condition, improve their whiteness and maintain shine. For a quick home teeth whitening maintenance, get some gum trays, put in a whitening toothpaste and put them on for 30 minutes. It can actually help dissolve light stains and colouring. Also incorporating an electronic toothbrush in your daily routine and brushing for 2 minutes will ensure teeth stay whiter and sparkly from daily eating and lifestyle changes.

Rinse your toothpaste with a whitening mouth wash for best results instead of plain water. Plus that minty clean feel will only make your breath smell amazing! Dental floss is a step ignored by most people but is quite important for maintaining white teeth. Floss helps get rid of any yellow stains and plaque between the teeth which can help in giving the appearance of pearly whites. Try a dental tape if you find regular floss a bit difficult to use.

Complimentary Lip Products

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You can temporarily promote the whiteness of your teeth by flattering lip colours. Remember the rule of warm and cool tones when it comes to working with white teeth. Warm toned lip products will have a lot of beige and yellow in them which can exaggerate any yellowness of the teeth hence they are the ones to avoid.

Cool toned lip products will have a lot of blue undertones in them which will give the illusion of whiter teeth, camouflaging any minor stains that you might suffer from. Whatever colours you like to wear, be it lilac, pink, reds, oranges or nudes, try and find a cool tone in all these colour families to give you the appearance of white teeth in an instance.

Diamond Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for a long term solution for best teeth whitening, then whitening strips from drug stores are just not going to give you that expensive looking, Hollywood smile with professional results that lasts up to 2 years with maintenance. Diamond Teeth Whitening is a pain free, peroxide free permanent teeth whitening treatment that guarantees to leave your teeth shades whiter in just one hour.

It’s gentle and safe, FDA and CE approved, has no recovery time and works hard at dissolving stains from layers of your teeth as well leaving them bright and shiny. If you are a regular coffee, tea or wine drinker, love eating berries, or are into the habit of smoking – all of which yellows teeth over time – then you would want to invest in a permanent teeth whitening treatment as such for a confident, celebrity smile.