Blackheads: All You Need To Know About Them

December 24, 2013


What are they? Blackheads or more technically known as comeodomes are in short trapped hair follicles which have widened hence their popped out appearance. They then get filled dead skin cells, dirt, grime and excess facial oil which aids with their spreading.

Why are they black? The excess facial oils stuck in the pores contains melanin (basically dark pigment) and when this face oil hits the surface of the skin or the pore, it darkens which is technically known as oxidisation. This is why blackheads compared to white heads have their pesky dark colour.

Why do I get them? Briefly, blackheads are created by excess production of facial oil hence they are more prevalent in those with oily-combination skin types. To avoid them, one should stick to oil free skincare and make-up to avoid adding excess oils to the skin.

Will nose strips get rid of them? They will temporarily but not for good. It’s satisfactory to see a cluster of blackheads being pulled out by a nose strip but skincare experts usually are not in favour of it. That’s because it only helps enlarge pores in some cases and if you don’t follow up with a salicylic acid based skincare regime, it’s absolutely going to return.

Invest in Retinoids and Salicylic Acid Skincare: Following up the above mentioned point, besides salicylic acid, even retinoids are great at cleansing pores inside out and getting rid of black heads effectively and for good. You can find them at skincare websites online, pharmacies and drug stores.

Don’t take it in your hands! Avoid trying to be a specialist and taking matters in your hands when it comes to blackheads. First off, stop the habit of popping or squeezing them whenever possible. Secondly, head over to a dermatologist or a skincare specialist who will recommend medicated skincare as well as chemical peels and microdermabrasion which are extremely effective at getting of blackheads.

Under a budget? If you cannot afford a trip to a skincare specialist then there are a tonne of at-home DIY tricks that you can try. One of which is exfoliating with baking soda, mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. Then gently scrub away blackheads and reveal fresh flawless skin.

Stop excessive face washing: You might think this goes against the general rule of keeping skin clean of impurities and consequently black heads but the fact is that the more you cleanse your skin, the more it gets irritated and dry. This leads it to producing even more oils which are the core cause of blackheads. Wash your face in moderation and don’t go overboard!