Before and After Videos


Botox Before & After results 

Botox helps calm down overactive muscles that are usually uncontrollable by an individual. As you can see in the Botox Before & After video below, the dynamic lines that appear on the person’s forehead and around the eyes are substantially less active when the person tries to make expressions or frown or laugh. These automatically make a face appear younger, allowing the client to look natural and move their facial muscles in a controllable manner at the same time. There is no better way to understand how the effects of Botox work than watching a video to ensure that you will still be able to express your emotions equally well after Botox, minus the ageing process.

Crows feet and worry lines around the eyes can instantly be disappeared by the magic wand of Botox. Don’t worry about having a frozen face that you may have witnessed on celebrities. We at Shumaila’s understand our clients bespoke requirements and will make sure the effects are soft and graceful, allowing you to move your facial muscles with ease but still reducing the prominent lines and  wrinkles that formed previously.

Horizontal and Vertical lines on the forehead can easily demonstrate stress, worry, anger and restlessness on a person’s face which may lead others to view them negatively, be it in professional field or in a social situation. See below how after just one session of Botox Injections,the client appears more calm, fresh and overall pleasant, not to forget substantially younger!