Botox Treatment for Men: From taboo to a trend

February 12, 2013

There was a time when men would scowl at Botox treatment and women were the only sex maintain a high standard of their appearance. However over time the taboos have converted into trends,both sex’s have jumped onto the Botox bandwagon by prepping and priming their face to look younger, energetic, rejuvenated and generally happier. Recent activity confirms that a fifth of Botox treatments are men conducted on men. Metrosexual cities such as London, Brighton and Manchester are booming with more citizens undertaking botox treatments to beat the competition within the work place. These are the factors that initiated this trend of the ‘modern‘ man.

Botox treatment for men

Celebrity Botox Jobs

Peter Andre, Simon Cowell, Donny Osmond have all admitted to regular muscle freezing, lunch time treatments such as Botox and have admitted openly to resorting to it at least once a year. Not only do they look substantially younger but their facial improvements have sparked media attention by the publics interest and positive views to botox treatments as the benefits are clear to all.

Climbing the career ladder

Many men fear young competition throughout their careers, especially fresh looking graduates. Male dominated industries that involve highly competitive presentation skills, such as sales are emphasis are opting for Botox Treatments that help them appear fresh and awake despite their hectic work life. An exhausted and ageing look is never appealing hence making Botox an obvious choice to freeze time and appear happier and peaceful.

Keeping up with ‘younger’ looking women

Divorced men who have suffered from the strains of a unsuccessful relationship during their 40’s and 50’s that want to get back into the dating scene are the largest proportion of males that to Botox Treatments. Botox has the ability to erase; frown lines, crows feet and wrinkles from the forehead, eventually diminishing the evil ravages of time. Botox gives back to these middle aged counterparts what time, stress, work and life in general has taken away. The beauty of botox is that you don’t require any surgery, it’s safe and becoming growingly popular among people of all ages.

Whether you are inspired by a male celebrity, want to enhance your career path, seduce your partner, to lead in the dating scene or simply to look after your skin, then Botox could be the solution for you.

Botox is a safe FDA approved treatment carried out by professional Doctors and Nurses. Botox is quick, effective and virtually pain free!