CACI Facials (Non-Surgical Face Lifts): Everything You Need to Know About It

CACI: What is it and what does it stand for?

CACI stands for Computer Aided Collagen Induction, a type of beauty therapy that increases the blood circulation to the face. Moreover, CACI helps with the increase of collagen secretion and it decreases the melanin content of your blood.  Image of a CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) treatment, Shumaila's blogCACI is also known as a Non-Surgical Face Lift, the name itself denoting this natural, non-intrusive and safe cosmetic treatment.

CACI vs Non-Surgical Face Lifts: What’s the difference?

There is no difference between CACI and Non-Surgical Face Lifts other than in terms. The process is the same and customers prefer the term Non-Surgical Face Lifts because it is easier to use.

Howeveer, if you prefer an accurate definition, the CACI is the type of machine used in this cosmetic beauty process, whilst Non-Surgical Face Lifts is the name of the process, so yes, there is a slight difference between the two terms.

Regardless of the name, the CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) procedure is highly popular and our staff here at Shumaila’s have acquired a lot of experience in providing such services to you, our customers.

CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) treatment: What does it involve?Image of CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) customer, before and after

As we’ve mentioned before, the CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) is a cosmetic beauty treatment that is proven natural, safe and non-intrusive. Non-Surgical Face Lifts are performed with the help of a CACI machine, which emit bipolar radio frequency and infra-red light. The treatment results in a better-toned, smooth and pleasantly glowing skin.

CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) images: Before and After

Here is a sample collection of images from CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) treatments, taken before and after the cosmetic surgery process.


CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) Prices List

Shumaila’s provide unmatched CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) treatments managed by our highly-experienced staff.

Prices for our CACI (Non-Surgical Face Lifts) treatments start at £20.00, as detailed on our Prices for CACI (Non-surgical face lifts) page.

As always, do feel free to contact Shumaila’s for further details or to book an appointment.