Caring for your hair this winter

October 18, 2013

With Halloween and Bonfire night around the corner and the weather has gotten decidedly wintery which means that you might start to notice that your hair starts to suffer. This is because that as the temperatures drop and the wind picks up you might find yourself having to tackle frizz, breakage, split ends and just generally dry and damaged hair. Let’s face it the seasons can play havoc with your hair but that doesn’t mean you have to give up and just put up with a bad hair day all winter. Instead, all you need to do is adapt your hair care regime and there won’t be any winter blues caused by your hair. With a few simple tweeks to your winter haircare regime and you will still have a fab look this season.


Photo: codrin

Photo: codrin

Take action now


It is an old adage but oh so true prevention is better than cure. This is because it is so much easier to protect healthy hair then it is to rectify any damage done by harsh winter conditions. So buy taking action now and ensuring your hair is in the best possible condition will really pay dividends. So book in for a good trim and a deep conditioning treatment to keep your hair looking amazing before winter strikes and at least that way it will be in great condition.

Another simple way of protecting your hair is to wear a hat or scarf on your head as it will stop some of the damage of the wind and rain and protect your hair from looking like a terrible mess when you get to work.


Keep your hair in trim

Getting regular haircuts is really important not just at the beginning of winter but throughout the season as well. By doing this you will be cutting away any split ends and hair that is regularly trimmed looks healthier so even if you are growing your hair you need to book in for regular trims to keep your mane looking it’s best.

Condition, condition, condition

Make sure you give your hair some TLC so when you wash your hair (only wash it when you need it) make sure you add a good conditioner to make sure you keep it in the best possible condition. And why not book in for a nourishing conditioning treatment to give your hair a real boost and help it to look its best.


At Shumaila’s every time you book in for a hair cut you will have the best possible treatments and can be sure that your hair looks amazing this winter.