Change your winter skincare regime for glowing skin

January 29, 2013

As the season changes, it is important to amp up your skincare to combat the current weather conditions and to make sure your facial skin remains balanced and healthy, all year around. However what works for you in the summer months might not be adequate for your skin now, leading to extreme skin conditions such as drying, peeling, breakouts, scars, wrinkles and so on. Hence a few tips and tricks to help your get started with winter skincare.

Winter skincare tips

Hydration is Key

Regardless of what time of the year it is and what skin type you have (dry, combination or oily), it is vital to keep it hydrated at a level that your skin is happy with. If you have dry skin, moisturisers with a rich base that will hydrate for long without the need of topping up is what you should look for.

If you suffer from oily skin, don’t think its okay to skip this part as if you let your skin dry out, it will produce more oils leading to a breakout. Try light and fluffy gel based moisturisers that will help keep your skin balanced and the sebum level under control as well.

It sounds clichéd and repetitive but one is tempted to skip drinking water in the winter due to the chilly weather but your skin will thank you even if you keep up with the minimum of 8 glasses per day.

Get that lymph moving!

The lymph system can get slightly more sluggish during the colder months and if not stimulated, can lead of a puffy face, dark under eye circles, wrinkles, loose facial contours and so on. There are various lymph nodes on the face, behind the ears, in the hollows of the collar bone, on the sides of the neck and many more which need to be massages regularly for a healthier immune system and glowing skin. Any type of Facial Massage by a trained therapist will involve hand movements stimulating the lymph flow in the facial nodes hence it is good practice to book regular professional facial sessions once in a few weeks as a part of your winter skincare ritual.

facial lymph massage

Say goodbye to wrinkles

Winter and wrinkles go hand in hand but have you ever thought why? As skin becomes more dry and parched due to the extreme heating in houses and the cold, chilly air outside, moisture is constantly sucked out of the skin allowing it to wrinkle even further and develop fine lines. Hence resorting to professional help for winter skincare such as a CACI Facial which acts like a non-surgical face lift, re-educating the muscles, defining facial contours, tightening the skin and most importantly injecting back an intense boost of moisture that will keep skin glowing for weeks and the before-after results are dramatically visible.