Customized Treatment of Your Skin

April 25, 2015

Skin is the most prominent part of the body and therefore should be cared for properly. There are a number of ways in which you can take care of your skin. The most quick and effective way is to have regular facial treatments and to use the right skin care products for your skin. As the skin is the most unique feature of the body we offer some customized treatments at Shumaila’s for you to provide your skin with the proper care it needs. These customized treatments are a number of facial and cleansing treatments. These special customized treatments are specifically designed to help your skin from unhealthy disorders like acne, ageing effect, damage from sun, wrinkles etc. here are some customized facial treatments that will help your skin.
Facial for anti-aging effect

This facial is used to fight off the aging effect and to repair the damaged skin. On this facial your face, neck and shoulders are massaged and the old dead cells in the skin are cleansed. After that a customized product is applied to fight off some skin disorders. In the end a mask is applied on your skin to provide it with a smooth and glowing look.
Facial for relieving the stress

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Too much stress causes damage to your skin and can be a cause of producing wrinkles on your skin. This facial is specially designed for the purpose of relaxing your body from any kind of stress. You will enjoy a very soothing and calm cleansing and a relaxing massage of your face with a customized oil. Your neck and shoulders will be massaged with the same oil. After that you will have a very relaxing steam therapy that is made for the sole purpose of releasing stress from your body. In the end a unique and special mask made from special plant extracts in applied to your skin that provides it with a new and healthy look.
Facial for Acne

This a facial which is customized to stop and remove the acne effects from your skin. The old dead cells of your skin are replaced by new healthy cells. To fight acne a specially customized medicated mask is applied to your skin. This mask has essential enzymes and anti-oxidants to save your skin from acne and provide it with a fresh and younger look.
Facial for Teen girls

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There are also some customized facials that help teen age girls in treatment of their skin. The problems of black marks, haired on the face due to hormonal changes in their body and all the problems that are faced by teen age girls regarding their skin are treated by cleansing of the skin and the production of new cells replacing the dead cells in the skin. In order to provide them with a healthy and balanced skin tone a customized mask is applied on their skin. After the mask there is a massage of the shoulders, neck and the face which is very relaxing and comfortable.