Dare to bare with Shumaila – top summer beauty tips

June 2, 2013

Well now that summer is finally upon us its time to start thinking about wearing that summer wardrobe and that means getting out your legs and arms so how can you be sure that you are ready to bare those limbs this summer? Well with a few simple summer beauty tips you can be ready for the sun.


photo: freedigitalphotos.net/africa

photo: freedigitalphotos.net/africa



While lotions and potions can do a lot to improve the appearance of your legs and arms getting some exercise will the muscle definition and tone your limbs as well as your confidence. Small bursts of regular exercise will do a lot to improve your legs so start walking more, going for runs or hitting the gym or pool to get your legs in the best possible shape. While if you want to target your bingo wings it’s a good idea to start lifting some light weights to tone your arms and banish those pesky wobbly bits.


Target that cellulite


If there is one area that women seem to hate it is their cellulite so start off with a body brushing regime to banish those lumpy bits. This is because fluid retention is caused by too much salt in our diet and a poor metabolism which makes our tissues puffy. By body brushing you can help combat that puffiness. Of course you could also try getting a slimming body wrap which can help melt cellulite and make you feel your best on the beach.




Nothing takes away your summer confidence then hairy legs so it’s important to think about defuzzing those pins. Shaving is one of those chores that loads of women hate because it is so time consuming and lets face it doesn’t work very well so instead it is a good idea to consider a more permanent solution. Waxing is long lasting as it removes hair straight from the root so you get smooth long lasting results. However, for something more permanent you could try IPL laser hair removal or electrolysis which gradually reduces hair growth over time.


While getting rid of underarm fuzz is simple and long lasting with a good waxing.


Fake that tan


If there is one thing that makes your legs and arms feel summer ready it is a great tan but getting a tan requires getting your legs and arms out when they are still pasty and at the same time risking skin cancer from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, the safest and most effective way of getting a tan is to fake it. A good fake tan is not only slimming but will be subtle and suit your skin tone so it looks like you at your summer best rather than looking orange and fake.


Don’t forget your nails


Your hands and feet also need to look great for the summer, so book in for a mani and pedi to get your hands and feet looking as great as the rest of you. This means that you can wear sandals with confidence as well as showing of your nails with a great new manicure and if you get it in a fresh summer colour you will feel far more summery.

At Shumaila’s we can get you summer ready and able to hit the beach with confidence and style.