Derma Roller Services in East London: Services, Prices and Best Places

July 14, 2012

Okay, so you’re looking for derma roller services in East London, a great place to lookup hair and beauty salons such as Shumaila’s.

Now, in this article, we’ve summed up everything you need to know about derma roller: services, prices (and bargains, too) and the best places you need to go whenever in need of a treat. Enjoy!

Derma Roller: A micro needling facial treatment

Have you ever wondered what is derma roller? Are you looking for a top-class skin treatment that cleans the skin while also helping it renew itself?

Well, wonder no more: derma roller — also known as micro needling — is a brand new, revolutionary even, facial treatment which we at Shumaila’s carry out with single-use derma roller needles.

The derma roller treatment is great because it removes acne, scars, stretch marks and even sun damage marks and wrinkles. You can read all about it on our special, dedicated derma roller (micro needling) facial treatment: services page. There’s even a nice video that thoroughly explains how derma roller can help your skin and why you should use this service.

Derma Roller: Our Prices at Our East London Branches

We’re always providing quality skin treatment services at unbeatable prices: that’s our guarantee. And, to make an ongoing statement, our East London branches will always charge you a fair and reasonable price.

For starters, a derma roller skin treatment service in either one of our East London beauty salons start at £160.00 for six sessions.

That’s basically £26.66 per derma roller session, a great price for an equally great service.

Please visit our East London derma roller prices page for a complete breakdown of our prices and services we provide in our beauty salons.

Best Places in East London for Derma Roller Services

This is the most interesting part: finding the best places for derma roller services in East London.

At Shumaila’s our prices speak for themselves, and our staff and the quality of the services they provide speak for themselves.

When it comes to derma roller skin treatments, we’re the best in both our East London centres, as well as at our other branches in London.

For further details, please visit our contact page for a complete list of our East London / London beauty salons that provide derma roller skin treatment services.

Have you used derma roller services? Were you happy with the services you’ve received?