Dermal Fillers – Skin Plumping & Volumising

Facial concerns solved by Dermal Fillers


What are Dermal Fillers?

A natural, biodegradable gel like substance that is of non-animal origin and usually known as the ‘liquid face lift’, Dermal Fillers, particularly Juvederm Ultra that we use at Shumaila’s comprises of naturally depleting substances in the human body such as hyaluronic acid, replenishing collagen and elastic levels over time which have broken down due to wear and tear.

History of Dermal Fillers  as a Skin Plumper 
Fillers have been utilised by Doctors and demanded by patients since the early 1800 when animal fat and fat taken from the patients body were used to add volume and texture to their ageing skin. Paraffin and Silicone then dominated the Dermal Filler area after eventually being declared as unsafe and unsuitable for use in the human skin due to its drawbacks. A few years ago, plastic surgery was the only answer for fuller cheeks and mouth area with scalpel invasion necessary and scars a part of the package, with recovery period and high costs. Collagen treatments gained immense popularity in 2008 with Hyaluronic acid being used as a filler for the first time in 1996 and being universally accepted as the ultimate dermal filler by doctors and patients due to its non-animal origin, non invasive procedure, no sensitivity issues and how well it gelled with the human body due it’s natural state.
Dermal Fillers plumping effect on skinHow do Dermal Filler work at volumising the skin?
With the process taking around as little as 15 minutes, injections containing the Juvederm gel filler are introduced with an ultra fine needle into the areas which need lift and volume. It raises the skin and fills in the particular area to be treated, making them appear fuller and taut. When the droopy, saggy or sunken area is filled in, wrinkles and fine lines are automatically ironed out giving an overall smoother appearance. Juvederm Ultra in particular also makes sure to restore the lost moisture your skin has lost over the period of years so it’s more healthy looking and radiant from within.
The types of Dermal Fillers
Juvederm Ultra is the Dermal Filler used by Shumaila’s professional Doctors and Nurses, a clear gel that instantly restores the volume of facial tissues and resolves issues of moderate wrinkles, fine lines and facial folds. By replenishing the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin, it also helps in improving skin’s moisture levels and water retention capacity.
Dermal Fillers facial areas
Nose to mouth lines
Frown lines
Under eyes
The latest advancements in Dermal Filler technology
The latest advancements in technology means that quicker and convenient options like Dermal Fillers are available today that can enhance the volume, texture and elasticity of your skin tone in minutes and just one session, after which a patient can step back into their normal life immediately without any downtime or tell tale signs like plastic surgery.  People will definitely be able to notice the difference in your skin type but will not be able to tell you have undergone a dermal filler treatment. Also topical creams or a local anaesthetic can be used on patients to reduce the level of pain and enable them to enjoy the treatment in a virtually pain-free manner, meaning no emotional trauma as would happen with cosmetic surgery.


Dermal Fillers Before-After: Nose to Mouth Lines
Dermal Filler results and how long do they last
The results will be naturally hydrated, fuller looking skin that has been worn out by the evil ravages of time. It is not something that will artificially provide a frozen face appearance but rather something that will mimic a post holiday glow. You will still be able to move all your facial muscles and demonstrate expressions just like before. Dermal Fillers are instead an artistic form of shaping and sculpting the face by restoring volume and texture at the right places and the results of which last for 9 months.
FDA Approved Dermal Fillers are safe for the skin Are Dermal Fillers safe?
The side effects can minimally include some redness, sensitivity in the area, minor swelling and bruising, all of which will fade away in a matter of days and can be temporarily camouflaged with topical cosmetic application. Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm Ultra is certified by the FDA as safe for injecting into the facial skin by a trained and professional doctor or a nurse. Due to the substance being biodegradable and biocompatible, it is safe as it is eventually broken down and removed from the body naturally. Moreover, no allergy testing is required for Dermal Fillers such as Juvederm as they are non-animal derived.
Dermal Fillers skincare benefits
Thin and tired skin alongside a sunken face are an immediate give away of one’s real age. If your skin is sagging and appears deflated, Fillers will restore their suppleness, elasticity and bounce in just one session, effects of which will be immediately noticed. Fuller cheeks will make you look refreshed and healthy again without the need of putting on pounds to achieve that effect. The deflated nose to mouth lines will be restored so you can smile with confidence again without worrying about accentuating expression lines. If you have a habit of frowning or scowling, frown lines can also be treated with Dermal Fillers, filling in those deep gaps that have formed over the years from worry and stress.
As the dermal filler we use contains hyaluronic acid, your skin will look radiant by retaining more water content. Fillers around the cheek area can be used to manipulate and balance the shape of your face by creating a cheek bone effect, which also takes away weight from the jawline making it look slimmer and sharp.