Dermalogica Facial Treatments




Deep Cleansing Facial (for blackheads) £35.00 45 minutes
Customised Treatment (according to your skin) £45.00 55 minutes
Brightening Facial £45.00 55 minutes
Anti Ageing Facial £45.00 55 minutes
MediBac (for adult acne & blackhead) £45.00 55 minutes
UltraCalming (for sensitive skin) £45.00 45 minutes
BioSurface Peel (for acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines)  £60.00
30-55 minutes

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Types of Dermalogica Facial Treatments we offer

Deep Cleansing Facial
Customised Facial Treatment
Brightening Facial
Anti-Ageing Facial (Age Smart)
MediBac Acne Treatment
UltraCalming Treatment

dermalogica face mapping

What makes a Dermalogica Facial different?

Face Mapping is one of the vital aspects that Dermalogica Facials consist of. Our trained therapists will scrutinise all 14 zones of your facial landscape by sight and touch while questioning you about your health, lifestyle and skin type. This process will identify detailed skin concerns, how your skin has been in the past, how it is now and how we can help you make it the best it can be in the future. The therapist will jot down the skin condition/concern on a printed facial map, use that to select an appropriate facial treatment, suggest suitable Dermalogica products to extend the effects of your facial and hand the face chart over to you for future use.

No two clients we come across have the same skin. Not only that, we cannot expect uniformity in a patients skin type as it is more likely that you suffer from different skin types in different areas of your face. Hence a Customised Treatment is what we highly rely on when it comes to Dermalogica Facials in particular. Depending on your skin time, you are likely to fit into the below categories for your facial treatment or we can help you customise a tailor-made treatment just to fit your unique skin type.

dermalogica facial treatment east london essex

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