Don’t let winter wreck your hair

November 18, 2012

Let’s face it winter can play havoc with your hair as well as your skin. Unruly hair can be a common problem as the cold air can leave your hair dry, frizzy and a little bit unmanageable – not to mention dull. However, just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to leave your hair looking far from perfect.

Just because it is winter it doesn't mean your hair has to suffer. © Luba V Nel |

Get down the hairdresser

One important way of keeping your hair looking great and make sure it is in tip-top condition is getting a trim to cut away all those split ends and dry bits will help it look good.


If you can you should try to cut your hair every six to eight weeks as that way you can stop split ends before they begin to develop. It’s much easier to deal with them early before they spread and then you are going to have to chop a lot of inches from your hair.

Nourish your hair


It’s not just winter that can damage your hair sun and sea can dry your hair out so you need to put any goodness that has been lost back into your hair. A normal shampoo and conditioner may not do the trick so you will want a replenishing treatment. When shampooing your hair finishing off with a cold rinse will help add shine to your hair as it closes the pores making it shimmer.

It’s also a good idea to put on a hair mask on once a week which will add moisture to your hair. Using a weekly hot oil treatment will also make your hair shine and replenish all the lost moisture from the cold winter air.

Protect your hair

Styling your hair, especially when using heated products such as straighteners, can strip it at the best of times so make sure that you use heat protection products every time your style your hair so you are not taking away any extra moisture and helping your hair cope with winter.

Cover up to keep your hair looking its best. © Falko Matte |

Don’t go out with wet hair

You know when your Mum used tell you not to leave the house with wet hair well she was actually right. The problem with going out with wet hair when it is cold is that it can freeze at the cuticle and cause breakages.

Cover your hair

When outside it’s important to keep your hair covered from the cold weather so wear a hat or scarf but in order to stop your hair covering causing further damage by snagging on it opt for silk scarves and hats with a cotton lining.

Also if you can try to introduce a bit of humidity into your home or office your hair and not to mention your skin will really appreciate it.

Try a new colour

Now is the time to also try a new a new warm colour such as a rich mahogany, plum or chocolate will help make look pale skin look rejuvenated and will also help your hair look smooth and shiny.

Just because it is winter it doesn’t mean that your hair doesn’t have to look its best in fact now is a great time to experiment with your look and with a bit of extra care it will look its best all winter.