Don’t let your dye job ruin your hair

Don’t let your dye job ruin your hair

Dyed Hair

dyed hair: After Mad Men star, January Jones, admitted that her hair was falling out in clumps because she dyes it so much how can you ensure that your freshly dyed hair stays on your head?

During the Sundance Film Festival, the actress exclusively spoke to Grazia Daily about how her hair transformations were causing her locks to fall out. But to be fair she does have to change her hair colour a fair bit – from red, to brunette and of course her trademark blonde January Jones has been pretty much every colour going. So what about those of us who dye our hair but aren’t necessarily a colour chameleon, does this mean we’ll go bald too? Well as long as you look after your dyed locks you can ensure your hair stays where you want it on your head, and get a fab new look at the same time.

 Always seek professional advice

dyed hair

dyed hair

The best way to ensure your hair looks great is to get it done professionally. A colour consultant will be able to advise you of the best way to dye your hair safely and what results you can achieve. If you have naturally dark hair and want to go platinum blonde, for example, they are likely to advise that you change your colour gradually over time so that you are doing as little damage to your hair as possible. They can also advise you of the best aftercare treatments and make sure that your hair looks fab for weeks to come.

Space out your dye jobs 

The reason that January Jones’ hair is so damaged is because of the frequency of her hair colour changes. She has to change her hair for almost every role she has so that’s a lot of dyeing. Experts say that hair can be damaged if you place bleaching and dyeing treatments too close together. So if you want to be blonde one week and brunette the next it may be best to wear a wig instead. You need to get your colour regularly topped up but your colourist will be able to help you with the best way of doing this. A good colour technician won’t need to go over the same strand of hair more than once. However, whatever you do space out the dramatic dye jobs because dyeing your hair brunette and then bleaching it blonde soon after is going to do it no favours.


It’s vital to take care of your hair before and after dyeing it. Before going for a drastic colour change make sure you moisturise and nourish your hair so it’s in the best possible condition so will take the dye better.

Once you have had your hair dyed use an intensive conditioner and products free of sulphates (which can strip your  hair). It’s also a good idea to put down the heated styling tools once in a while to preserve the condition of your hair. Also if you do start to notice the first signs of damage (for example if your hair starts to stick to itself at the ends after washing) give it a break.

Providing you look after your hair and visit a reputable salon your newly dyed hair should continue to stay looking fab and importantly on your head.



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