Drinkable Sunscreen & Our Top Pre-Summer treatments

February 9, 2015

Skincare trends for 2015 is a different post we shall tackle altogether but when we heard about Drinkable Sunscreen, we had to give it a shout out. As we are already preparing for the sunny season to greet us in a few months time, a brand has come up with drinkable sunscreen which is actually only harmonized water. It’s however meant to neutralize UVA and UVB rays hence protecting skin from within from the harmful sun damage. Creating vibrational waves, it almost forms an invisible bubble around the skin claim the makers who are promoting it equivalent to SPF30.

Although there is no public research carried out to prove it’s results and it all depends on the private research carried out by the company but if drinkable sunscreen actually works, it would be a great alternative to chalky, greasy and heavy feeling sun protecting lotions and potions that we apply and most of the times, avoid and forget. On the other hand, a supplement in the form of water would be much easier, quicker and convenient to consume in the hot Summer days. Here’s hoping it actually works and revolutionises the SPF industry!


Every once in a while your skin needs a treatment that refreshes and renews it – especially in time for a change of weather. Microdermabrasion ensures dead skin is sloughed off, a few new layer is revealed, skin is left feeling smoother, brighter and more even toned. Not a drastic treatment, it’s kind to skin and suitable for all skin types besides the most sensitive. It’s also a great one to encourage better product absorption, especially if your skin renewal cycle is extremely slow. Plus, if you’re planning to go bare faced in the warm Summer months, Microdermabrasion treatment is spot-on to achieve a naturally radiant and youthful looking face.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

For water baby’s, adventure seekers, globe trotters and busy bees in general – here’s how you can wake up with fluttery, Bambi-esque lashes every morning. Who wants to be worrying about mascara if there’s wind, water and sweat involved. Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions are great to place all the emphasis on your lashes without requiring any effort on your part. Especially if you have an adrenaline packed Summer planned, it’s the perfect treatment to indulge in. When your lashes are made up, it automatically makes you look awake, wide eyed and refreshed, allowing you to scrimp on make-up too.

Body Foliation Therapy

Using Oatmeal and Rice Bran, this gentle yet effective treatment namely Body Foliation Therapy works wonders at buffing and polishing the skin on your body. If you are lazy when it comes to regular exfoliation and want a therapist to do the job for you, then this will be right up your street. A lovely treatment to indulge in pre-tanning, so the surface is smooth and there are no cracks and chapped skin. As the warmer months arrive, skimpier clothes also make an appearance due to the extreme heat and humidity. The last thing you want to worry about in the weather change is the condition of your skin. Take care of it with Dermalogica Body Foliation Therapy before Summer arrives ladies to greet the sunny months with a flawless complexion.

Hair Colour/Hair Cut

From mermaid greens, to stunning lavenders and angled bobs to a messy chop – it’s all about going short and colourful this 2015. What better way to flaunt it than Spring/Summer. As it’s on it’s way, now is the right time to experiment with your locks when it comes to cut and colour so you can get it just about perfect till the hot months arrive.