Exfoliation of dead skin with Microdermabrasion at East London

May 25, 2012

“Will Microdermabrasion help my skin in getting rid of acne?” This is a very common query that is heard from people widely. The answer is, it will not only help in curing acne but will also rejuvenate your skin giving a younger look. This may sound like a very rough method to be handled over the skin but it is a gentle way that helps in removal of scars and acne thereby benefiting you with a youthful appearance.

Microdermabrasion, at shumailas is basically an exfoliating method with which the dead skin in face could be removed. It was during the year 1980, the method got initiated. The procedure is carried out by spraying crystals of aluminum oxide with a want. Simultaneously, these crystals will be vacuumed which in turn removes the dead skin. Several advancements have been done in this procedure and a diamond-tip microdermabrasion is now found to create the same effect as that of aluminum oxide crystal. This is still a better and a comfortable option by eliminating the spraying procedure of crystals. It is enough if the wand is passed over the facial region in case of diamond-tip ones.

Are you suffering with mild acne problems? Then, shumailas can prove to be the right place for you by giving the appropriate treatment. We also help in rejuvenating the skin by thickening the outermost layer, epidermis. The concept of rejuvenation is that, when dead skin is removed, a new skin will grow at a very fast rate thereby increasing the overall thickness of the skin. This rapid growth will be tighter than the older skin. It happens as a chain process wherein the next layer of the skin and the skin collagen fiber will also increase in density finally resulting in a well nourished fresh and new thickened skin.

Flexibility of the skin is equally important like that of its thickness. As the elasticity and flexibility increases and a tightened skin is formed, the exfoliation process at shumailas is automatically arrived which serves to quench the customer with a bright new look.