Female Facial Hair Removal

November 26, 2011

You might call it downy hair, baby hairs, or peach fuzz, but regardless of its name, fine blonde facial hair can prove to be a common cosmetic concern for women of all ages. Usually, when we’re talking about female facial hair removal, the treatment relates to more noticeable, unwanted facial hair on the chin or above the lip. When these hairs are dark and/or thick, they can be very difficult to successfully shave or wax, leading many women to choose laser hair removal or electrolysis to rid themselves of the facial hair once and for all. But what about when the female facial hair in question is barely visible at all? Yes, most women know that those light downy facial hairs can only be seen in direct sunlight or with very close inspection. And even then, they’re hardly the eyesores that a few dark upper lip hairs can be. Still, facial hair on a woman is always a tender topic. Is removing these fine hairs always the right aesthetic solution, or are those downy hairs harmless and even helpful to your appearance?


Option 1: Downy Hair Pride


For a representative of the pro-peach-fuzz side of the debate, women needn’t look any further than the 20th century’s most famous sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Many photographs taken of the actress reveal some very light, blonde facial hair on her cheeks and jawline, but according to some experts, Marilyn Monroe’s facial hair may have actually helped create the unique, luminous glow she displayed in so many pictures. Supposedly, those little downy hairs reflect the sunlight or camera light in such a way as to give the whole face a brighter appearance! Aside from this Hollywood cosmetic potential, fine facial hair also may serve a more practical genetic purpose, offering an extra line of defense for sensitive facial skin.


Option 2: So Long, Peach Fuzz


Still, for many women, facial hair is facial hair, and it’s got to go. Even if fine downy hair is hard to notice in most cases, women might be concerned about intimacy with the opposite sex, where self-consciousness in those up-close-and-personal moments can become a major issue. For these women, a number of viable options are available. First, of course, you could try one of the hundreds of at-home waxing or hair removal products available at your local drug store. Unfortunately, these tend to be hit or miss, and sometimes don’t even work as well on fine facial hair as they do on more noticeable, thicker hair. In either case, the results will be temporary.

Shaving is not a very good alternative. Why the notion that hair grows back faster and thicker after shaving is mainly just a myth, shaving only lops off the thin tops of the hair follicles, making the thicker parts of the hair more prominent as the peach fuzz returns. Waxing can remove the light hair more effectively, but of course, it can also hurt like the dickens.