Get IT brows like Cara Delevinge

August 21, 2013

If there is one beauty trend that is on everyone’s lips at the moment it has to be defined eyebrows. Thanks to the likes of IT model Cara Delevinge and her full brows gone are the days of over plucking your eyebrows instead the brow is definitely back.


Cara Delevingne walks the Burberry runway in a metallic detail evening dress. Photo: Twitter/@Burberry

Cara Delevingne walks the Burberry runway in a metallic detail evening dress. Photo: Twitter/@Burberry


So it’s put down the tweezers and stop grooming the brows right?


Well wrong actually. Even the queen of the defined brow herself, Ms Delevinge, admits to grooming her eyebrows and apparently always has a grooming kit on her to make sure there is never a stray hair on show. The point of the look is full and lustrous and not a mono-brow or like you are trying to be Liam Gallagher. However, it is a good idea to ditch the tweezers for a while or you could get a little over zealous and land up with spindly looking brows instead. The best bet is to get your brows threaded regularly as this will make them look groomed but still have that perfect arch. This is because threading is far more precise then waxing so will target the stray hairs without ruining your shape. If your eyebrows are looking a little pale and in need of a boost why not try tinting them? Getting your eyebrows tinted will not only make them look fuller they will also make them look more texturised and better shaped so are perfect for that full look you are after.


Show off your new look

Once you have had your brows properly shaped it is time to show them off so it’s a good idea to invest a brow grooming kit so that your eyebrows still look good between threading. That way they will look full but still groomed. It is also a great time to experiment with your makeup looks on your eyes so that your wow brows really stand out. However, one word of caution if you are going for a full on eye makeup look make sure that you keep your lips pared down so you don’t look too overdone. The aim is to look sophisticated and not like a pantomime clown.


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