Getting your body ready for spring

March 3, 2013

Call me an optimist but the recent bout of sunshine has got me thinking about summer and maybe starting to ditch some of the layers. However, I for one am not ready to get rid of the jumpers and tights just yet so how can you get your body ready for spring/summer?




The first part of your body that seems to come out when the sun starts to shine has to be the legs. But when the tights come off are your legs ready to be bared? Now is the time to think about de-fuzzing those legs.

One simple way to get your legs hair free is to get them waxed as it leaves a smooth, clean surface with long lasting results. This is because the hair is removed straight from the roots so if you are going away you don’t have to worry about the hair growing back while you are there. However, for an even more permanent solution there is always electrolysis. The idea behind electrolysis is that a pulse of energy is passed through the hair follicle and this will over time weaken hair growth and eventually diminish it completely.

Fake it to make it

Lets face it the recent sunshine is not going to be enough to take away the paleness of winter so to make you feel your absolute best a fake tan can be a great way to make your skin look spring/summer ready without relying on the British weather!

Try a slimming wrap

Over winter we are all prone to putting on a few extra pounds but under jumpers and layers it isn’t as noticeable. However, if the thought of summer dresses, shorts and not to mention bikinis fills you with fear why not try a slimming wrap. The idea behind a slimming wrap is it can help you lose those unwanted inches and can even help you drop a jean’s size. It could be just the boost you need to help you feel ready for spring and summer.

Don’t forget the toes

OK it’s hardly sandal season yet but it’s getting close so if you are going to be getting your toes out you need them to look pretty. Why not get a pedicure which ensures your feet are in tip top condition? A pedicure will not only add colour to your toes but it will also remove any dead skin and make sure that your feet are ready for flip flops and sandals.

Sort your hair

Over the winter we tend to keep our hair covered by hats so now could be a good time to get a fab new hair cut or to mix up your hair colour – perhaps by adding lighter tones that suit your summer skin. Spring can be a perfect time to mix up your look and a new hair cut or colour is a great way of getting yourself ready for spring and summer.

While winter may still be hanging around with a few simple steps you can make sure that your body is ready to go so when you can finally brave the removal of those layers you will look your best.