Give your feet some TLC this Christmas

December 9, 2012

If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with the party season it is high heels – but all that time spent in party shoes alongside colder nights can play havoc with your feet. However, if you look after your feet they can be your saviour this party season and with just a little TLC they will look as fab as the rest of you.


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Pick the right shoes

The first thing you need to do is make sure your shoes fit you, too small or too big and you could be causing all sorts of damage. So make sure your shoes fit and if you have unevenly sized feet buy shoes that fit the largest foot. If you have any shoes that pinch or hurt in anyway no matter how cute they look you do need to stop wearing them as there is no point suffering for fashion.

While heels make you look and feel fab they can damage your feet so give your feet a rest and if you don’t need to wear them leave the heels at home once in a while.

Keep your feet clean

OK it’s a bit of an obvious tip but clean feet help avoid cracking and dryness. What’s more because when you walk around you collect dirt and debris on your feet they tend to get dirtier then the rest of your body. Therefore, by keeping them clean they will look better.

While you are there it is important to trim your nails so they are neither too short nor too long. By doing this you will stop problems like ingrown toenails developing and let’s face it long toenails are not an attractive look.


We know that exfoliation is good for your face and body and it is equally important for your feet. By exfoliating regularly you will remove any dead skin and calluses. So once a week exfoliate your feet paying particular attention to your toes.


Keeping your feet well moisturised will help keep them in the best condition. If you apply moisturiser straight after a shower the heat will allow it soak in as it opens up the pores and don’t walk around until it has soaked in. Another good time to apply moisturiser is just before bed as your feet will be thirsty so slather on a layer of moisturiser put on some cotton socks and allow it to do its magic.

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Get a pedicure

Getting a pedicure can be a great relaxing treat at this time of year. Lets face at Christmas our feet go through a lot – you’re on your feet doing the shopping, preparing dinner and of course dancing away in your favourite heels. Therefore, a luxury pedi could be just the treat you need.

When getting a pedicure your beautician will remove any dead skin or calluses which will make your feet not only look better but will also let your skin breath more easily. What’s more it will ensure that your toe nails look fab in even the strappiest of shoes as you can have the same great polished look on your toe nails as your nails. What’s more you will be pampered and looked after just what we all need over Christmas.