Great Gatsby beauty with Shumaila

May 19, 2013

If there is one film that is sweeping the world of fashion and beauty it has to be the Great Gatsby. 1920s fashion and beauty is big news and the good thing is you can easily recreate it at home. So here is Shumaila’s guide to some fab Great Gatsby beauty looks you can get yourself.

Photo: Twitter/GatsbyMovie

Photo: Twitter/GatsbyMovie

Bob it!

While the bob has become synonymous with the 1960s it was actually in the 20s that the style was first seen. The silent film star Louise Brooks was famous for her daring and sharp bobbed hairstyle. She wore her hair cut sharply at chin length with a straight fringe at eyebrow level. In fact true 1920s flappers always wore their hair in a short style because it symbolised the bright young things that were popular in the day and the famous cloche hat could not be worn with long hair. While in Baz Luhrmann’s fabulous film Carey Mulligan is wearing a chic short bob which she has accessorised with a number of lust worthy bling hair pieces.


While if you are channelling Mia Farrow’s version of Daisy Buchanan then you need to ask your hairdresser for a curly cropped style – which was also massive in the 1920s. Whichever, Daisy you decide to copy both hairstyles are uber chic and bang up to date. In fact a number of celebrities have been wearing their hair in finger waves which was another great flapper look – with Kiera Knightley, Nicole Richie and Charlize Theron all wearing 1920s bobs with finger waves.


Boldly does it


When it comes to makeup this look is all about nude eyes but bold lipsticks. So pair down your eye shadow and ditch those bright looks that have been so popular in recent years. Instead, simply use your eye shadow to define your eyes but not as the focal point of your look. So go for an ivory shade or light brown with an elongated lash line and off course flirty, fluttery lashes.


However, when it comes to lipstick you can really go to town to achieve a dramatic look. So try an aubergine or red look but it’s not shiny as lipstick often is today so build the colour for a matte bold look. While your foundation should look flawless because your short hairstyle will be framing and drawing attention to your face so it needs to look pristine.

Don’t forget the eyebrows

If you think of the film stars of the day, so the likes of Marlene Dietrich, they had defined brows which framed and shaped the face. So it’s a good idea to get booked in for a threading session so that your eyebrows curve beautifully with the highest point of the curve above your iris.


Don’t forget the perfume

You can even smell like a true 1920s flapper with perfumes like Chanel no 5, which was the first scent released by Cocco Chanel in the 1920s, and Guerlain’s Shalimar, which was introduced in 1925, still popular today. Therefore, not only will you look like you are in the Great Gatsby you will smell like it too.