Guinot Facials at Shumaila’s

April 15, 2015

GUINOT skincare was introduced in 1930 by Rene Guinot in France. This 40-year old brand established the revolutionary microcurrent facials that help deliver active ingredients deep into the skin. With the combination of this scientific technology and highly skilled therapist you can experience the miracles of this wondrous facial treatment. Sit back and relax at Shumaila’s Beauty Salon as their experts rejuvenate your skin.

Shumaila’s Beauty Salon offers five signature Guinot Facials.



This is one of the most advanced of skincare treatments, where galvanic current is used to help ingredients penetrate into the deepest part of the skin. The stimulation from the current increases blood circulation and absorption of oxygen. Regular hydradermie treatment will maintain healthy skin, fight signs of aging, prevent sun damage and reduce sebum level. The particular Lift Treatment will reduce 50% of facial lines after four-five treatments. Hydradermie facial treatment lasts for 50 minutes.



Specifically designed for the eye area, Hydradermie Lift Yeux eliminates dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. A special contour massage lifts the eye contour and increases blood circulation. The eye mask creates an immediate lifting effect and smooths away fine lines. This eyelift effect treatment takes 35 minutes.



Beaute Neuve is a paraben-free treatment which makes use of vitamin C, glycolic and fruit acids for the double peeling method. This is perfect for people with acne problems or hyperpigmentation. The unhealthy layer of skin is replaced by a healthier, radiant, clearer one by exfoliation. The rich serums help nourish, firm and hydrate the skin. And a noticeable improvement is seen in fine lines and wrinkles. Beaute Neuve facial leaves skin looking like new. This treatment is carried out for 55 minutes.



This soothing and relaxing facial combines plant extracts and essential oils for healthier, radiant skin. The special pressure point massage relaxes facial features while the skin absorbs all the active ingredients. A peel-off custom-made plant mask is applied to soothe the skin and leave it glowing. This treatment is best if you want to energize and hydrate your skin. It lasts for 55 minutes.



Just like its name, Liftosome is a ‘lifting’ treatment targeted at mature skin to make it younger, firmer and plumper. Instead of machine this facial makes use of plenty of hand movements on your therapist’s part. The pro-collagen concentrate specifically firms your features. The luxurious thermolift mask tones the skin and strengthens elasticity. And the massaging of the anti-aging serum stimulates cell regeneration. The facial takes 45 minutes.

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