Making the Right Choice of Hair Removal for You

March 24, 2015

There are many forms of hair removal that are available, so many in fact it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Then added to this there has been a big influx of hair removal at home products to hit the market, which can add to the confusion.

Beauty salons usually have hair removal on their list of services and will often offer some choices.

Basic Salon Hair Removal Services:


Is the type of service that is what most are used to, and especially if it is a large area of the body that needs the service. It is often used for facial hair removal and is very effective when done by a trained professional. The types of removal of hair that can be completed with wax ranges from full body down to the eyebrows. Included in this some high profile Salons offer Hollywood waxing, which is the hair removal required in intimate areas.


Tweezing is removing the hair one by one, which is time consuming and uncomfortable. It is normally done for the eyebrows, and may be for a few hairs around the lip and chin area.

More Advanced Hair Removal Services:

This will include the basic hair removal services, but also offers some more advanced services that demand more training, experience and expertise by the technician.


Most common areas of hair removal this is used for is the brows, upper lip, chin, forehead, neck and the sides of the face. It is often a favored method by those who are sensitive and have delicate skin. It is less irritating than many of the other types of hair removal. The important thing to remember about this particular service is, that it takes an expert who has been trained in the required techniques to get the optimum results.


This is a more semi-permanent hair removal option. With repeated treatments over time the hair becomes weaker and less coarse. This form of hair removal should only be done by a qualified technician.

IPL Hair Removal:

More advanced than laser with the capability of dramatically reducing hair growth. It is categorized as a permanent hair removal system. Most appropriate for lighter skin and soft hair removal. Used for larger areas of the body, and has the extra benefit of skin enhancement.

Home vs Professional Hair Removal:

There are many different products that are offered on the market today for home use hair removal. Most are easy to use and focus more on being painless rather than effective. Quite often what they will do is remove the hair at the skin layer. This gives good results but only lasts for a few days, and the treatment has to be repeated.

When having your unwanted hair removed by professionals there are many added advantages. The biggest one is that the hair is being removed and not cut. The results are far longer lasting. Professional hair removal often leads to the hair becoming weaker, which means it becomes sparse over time and doesn’t grow as fast. There is far less chance of damage to the skin, and it is more convenient with advanced results.