Hair Removal Options

November 26, 2011

Hair removing is a cumbersome and painful process. However, there are many options in hair removal. For example, if you want painless hair removal then simply use one of the endless depilatory products available in the market. If you are allergic to such products or if you are scared of its harshness on the skin then simply use the traditional razor and shaving cream method. There are endless options available for hair removal. You can also get rid of all the unwanted hair on your body forever using the permanent hair removal options like laser and electrolysis. Since we want our customers to have the best hair removing option and feel comfortable about it, it is our duty to provide you every bit of information available about hair removing options. It is hence, obvious to tell you about the at-home hair products available in the market.

Depilatory products or home-waxing are hair removal methods that demand maintenance. Sally Hansen Crème Bleach, hair removing creams, at-home waxing strips are huge complements to laser treatments. This is because they do not disrupt the cycle of hair growth. However, at-home waxing sounds cumbersome because it is human tendency to have a relaxing, spa-like experience while waxing. It is for such consumers precisely that at Shumaila’s we have created a spa beauty clinic.

Shumaila’s beauty clinic offers hair removing options for temporary as well as long term effects. While temporary effects are achieved by methods like waxing, permanent effect is achieved by electrolysis hair removal. You may have to visit the clinic once in every month or so if you opt for temporary solutions of hair removal. In case of permanent solution you visit our clinic only once or as per the number of sittings as decided by our skin experts. You need not visit the clinic for hair removal once your treatment cycle is completed.

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