HD Brows

May 6, 2015

Brows are what frame the whole face. And not to forget, the fuller your brows, the younger you look.

Shumaila’s High Definition Brows is a unique 7-step treatment that revolutionizes the way your brows look. It includes measuring the eyebrows, tinting, waxing, tweezing, filling and more. This is not the basic waxing and threading, this is eyebrow artistry that transforms you. HD Brows is what celebrities do and this is what we provide to our clients.

This wondrous HD Brows treatment is for everyone, whether you want a fuller look or you want to treat your sparse brows. Experts at Shumaila’s help you achieve whatever you desire and it doesn’t cost much either. Get the Shumaila’s High Definition Brow treatment for only £25 at the Chigwell branch.

With High Definition Brow treatment you can get the brow shape of your choice. You want it arched, you want it light or you want soft, Shumaila’s stylists tailor your eyebrows according to your need. Like every face is different, every brow has its own shape and this is what we aim when treating our clients, to give them the best possible eyebrows for their look.

This treatment is for people that want to achieve fuller eyebrows and it’s not a one-time thing. Sometimes the results are evident immediately but to maintain that look continuous visits are required. Sparse eyebrows require more regular treatments. We work with clients to come to us every few weeks and we help them grow and achieve fuller eyebrows in the long run. The stylists at Shumaila’s will also teach how to fill in gaps in your eyebrow, how to maintain them daily and how to help them grow.

To keep those High Definiton brows you will be required to visit the salon for your monthly treatment every 4 weeks.

Usually people get it for special occasions like weddings and birthdays but who says you can’t look good everyday? They are affordable, they are the next big thing, they make you look ten times better, I say, get them every month.

Once you get Shumaila’s High Definiton brows, there’s no turning back!

Book your appointment today for Shumailas’s High Definition Brows at the Chigwell branch.

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Alternative to HD Brows is Microblading Eyebrows.