Hot Stone Massage Benefits

June 22, 2014


It helps concentrate treatment to particular areas. Perfect for those who suffer from upper back or lower back pain, have suffered from any sort of leg or arm injuries or simply want to concentrate the treatment around the back and shoulder area to dissolve stiff muscles and all sort of knots. The use of hot and cold stones for placement and massage works at a deep muscular level by increasing the circulation of fluids in a particular area.

The massage is also great at reducing scar tissue. With the basics being pretty similar to a deep tissue massage or a swedish body massage, a hot stone massage can also help fade scar tissues on the body over time. So be it stretch marks, hyperpigmentation or sun spots, a body massage carried out with hot stones massaging the scar tissue, it can help blood flow and oxygen supply to increase at the particular area, which can also encourage collagen and elastin formation which can help bring back original pigmentation. Coupled with treatments such as derma roller, Hot Stone Massage can help solve such skin concerns as well.

Hot stone massage is also known to release energy blockages by opening up energy paths, kick start the lymphatic system and boost metabolism. This can help in battling with diseases such as cancer and many other diseases and illnesses. If you are one of those people who feel poorly all the time and are always a victim of infections and allergies, a hot stone massage can help improve your body’s ability to fight with these consequently improving your overall well being. Increased metabolism can help with better health, improved digestion and a fitter body, especially desired during the summer months when more skin will be at show.


The natural therapy also helps with detoxifying organs of the body, bettering joint movements and relieving stress. The muscle relaxation that occurs after an intense hot stone massage helps with better flexibility for those with arthritis, promotes better sleep and helps eliminate daily fatigue and insomnia. You will feel more energised with improved blood circulation and unclogged energy centres in the body. Unwanted toxins will be released from the body via sweating as the use of hot and cold stones create a sauna like environment.

The combination of warmth and refreshing coolness via hot basalt stones and cool marble ones will instantly make one feel positive, happier and light by recharging energy levels and relieving stored tension in the mind and body. Once your body slips into a state of relaxation, you will not want to get back to the real world again! What’s great is that a hot stone massage can be indulged in once or twice a month depending on how often you need a real pick-me-up. Depending on your lifestyle, your body type, any medical conditions and your state of mind, a hot stone massage will work wonders for you, regardless of your gender, age and profession.