How to care for dyed hair

November 25, 2012

With Christmas around the corner and the cold starting to hit, now could be the time to think about giving your hair a boost. One great way of making your hair look fabulous is a great new hair colour. Dying your hair can not only freshen up your look, it can also add warmth and depth to your colour, as well as adding shine.

However, the freshly coloured look that you have when you step out of the salon doesn’t last forever, so how can you keep your hair looking good weeks after a colour?


A new hair colour can really revamp your look. © Luba V Nel |

A new hair colour can really revamp your look. © Luba V Nel |

Get the right products

The first thing you need to consider is the type of products you are using on your hair. You need to make sure that you are using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner as it will have the right kind of formula – look for specific products for colour treated hair. Using a colour depositing shampoo once a week will also help maintain your colour.

It’s a good idea not to over wash your hair as this can strip out your colour. When you first get your hair coloured it is an idea to wash it every other day rather than every day.

Don’t forget the trim

Keeping your hair trimmed is also really important as you need to keep your hair in the best condition. By getting regular trims – you should trim your hair every six- eight weeks – your hair will stay in the best possible condition.

Ditch the heat

Using heat can wreck your hair and strip it of moisture. Therefore, having a break from heat styling can help keep your colour in tip-top condition. What’s more, heat styling your hair makes it porous and as such won’t hold the colour as well and if you have paid for a lovely new hair colour you don’t want it rinsing out.

Don’t be a hair colour chameleon

Changing your hair lots means that each time you dye it again you will need more and more chemicals to achieve the desired result. If you are going to change your colour do it gradually and your hair will thank you.

Stay hydrated

Keep your hair hydrated. © Johanna Goodyear |

If your hair is dry it might be a sign that you need more moisture. Therefore, the more water you drink the better your hair will look and of course it will have a positive effect on your hair.

Condition your hair

Colour treated hair is drier so you should use conditioning treatments regularly to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Using an intensive mask on your hair will give it a real boost and make it look like you have just stepped out of the salon. It will also improve the general condition of your hair, making it look great and help it cope with winter as well.

Colouring your hair can really makeover your look and add new depth to your style. However, it can dry your hair out but with a bit of extra care you can make sure that your hair stays looking wow for longer.