How to drink more water

August 10, 2013

We all know water is amazing for our health, skin, hair, brain and body shape but how many of you are guilty of only consuming two to three glasses of this magical fluid per day? We are all guilty at one point or another. From a hectic schedule to going to the bathroom more often are a few of the excuses people use to skip their necessary intake of daily water but it will only keep you a step or two away from being your optimum, positive, energised and radiant self. Hence below we will show you tips and tricks on how to drink more water.

Also, remember that the recommended 8 glasses is not a one size fits all and you will need to moderate it according to your lifestyle. For instance if you workout more, get dehydrated and loose water, you will need to replenish your body with the fluid more often and in greater quantities.

how to drink more water

Did you know you can actually ‘eat’ water? Although it wont replace your daily intake of 8 glasses or more, it can surely act as a starting point if you have been slacking lately. Tea, Yoghurt, Cucumber, Strawberries, Oranges, Watermelons, Pineapple, Soups and many more can aid in keeping a balance of the amount of water you have in your body.

Make it look pretty! Spice it up with a slice of cucumber or lemon and not only will it help in detoxifying the body due to the added ingredients but will also add a mild, refreshing flavour to it that will make you forget it’s plain water. If it’s Summer, add in cubes of ice as it’s much easier for some to drink chilled water than otherwise. Keep it handy especially when you are hungry as sometimes our bodies can confuse thirst for hunger so water can actually help curb those mid-day cravings.

Tricks like investing in a unique reusable water bottle and personalising it with your favourite pattern, quote, stickers or inspirational images always works. Take it with you to the gym, office, college or keep in besides you on your desk. The more you are attached to it, the more likely you are to take it with you everywhere and get more use out of it. How about using a straw to sip in cold or hot water as ‘comfort’ during a relaxing evening? Brew some herbal tea in it and get sipping!

Natural water in its purest form is what you are looking at in the long term but if you are a beginner in this journey, start with sparkling, spring, mineral, vitamin or fruit flavoured water. Something is always better than nothing when it comes to water intake for your body however make sure you read the labels behind these bottles carefully to avoid adding in unwanted calories.

Drinking water keeps you young, helps you loose weight, promotes muscle building, makes you smarter and is good for your joints. We do not need any more reasons to make it an essential part of our everyday lives. Think of it as a magic potion and make it your best friend. The results you see in a few weeks time will only encourage you to love it even more.

If you are not consuming enough water and your intake of salt is high in the body, your body has a tendency to retain water longer than required. In this case, opt for a Body Wrap Inch lost Treatment that will help detoxify your body and make it look instantly more toned and and feel light.