How to rock pink hair

March 17, 2013

Unless you have been living under a rock in recent months you may have noticed a new trend in hair colour – pink. Candy coloured hair is certainly the colour de jour at the moment.

From the likes of Little Mix, Kelly Osbourne and even Helen Mirren who showcased her gorgeous pink crop at the BAFTA awards. The brave move seemed to pay off for the actress who not only looked stunning but was also widely praised for her daring hair choice. What’s more multi-coloured hair has even had catwalk approval with models at the autumn/winter 2013 Givenchy catwalk show sporting bright blue and pink hair styled in pin curls and while that look is probably a little extreme for you and me the pretty candy pink look of Mirren has become incredibly popular. In fact ever since the BAFTAs sales of pink hair dye at have almost doubled.

Little Mix rock pink hair. Photo: Twitter/@LittleMixOffi

Little Mix rock pink hair. Photo: Twitter/@LittleMixOffi

So if you fancy trying a candy coloured hue in time for Easter what should you think about before going pink?

Go for it

Let’s face it dying your hair pink seems like an extreme colour change but it really is a pretty look and can look stunning on most people and can really give your look a great lift – so there is no reason to stop you taking the plunge.

Pick the right colour

If you decide to reach for the dye then it’s important to choose the right colour. Olive skins can take a dark stronger pink, while if you are fair skinned you are best opting for candy and bubblegum pinks. But if you are in any doubt your stylist can help you choose the right colour to suit your skin tone.

You also need to consider your hair colour before you go pink as it looks great on blondes and brunettes but it’s not going to look great on red heads. While if your hair is dark you are going to need to bleach it first to get a candy pink colour.

Do you go all over pink?

You also want to consider how much pink you have put in your hair. If like Helen Mirren you have a short crop you could consider and all over colour or if your hair is longer why not getting a shot of pink through your fringe or getting the underneath layers of your hair dyed pink so there is a flash of colour when you take it up but it is still subtle for everyday wear, and for a really easy take on the look why not go ombre with pink ends for a touch of colour? Or you could take inspiration from January Jones and Fearne Cotton who went for pink streaks – cotton with all over streaks and Jones with one cute and girly streak.

Don’t forget the aftercare

Having pink hair will involve aftercare. You are not going to be able to wash your hair as often and you will need to choose hair care products that are formulated for coloured hair in order to protect your new colour.

However, pink hair if done right can look really pretty and be just the boost you need for spring.