How to winter-proof your skin

October 29, 2012


There’s no doubt that at the moment there is a distinct chill in the air and with the clocks going back winter is well and truly here. While it’s great to be able to get the cosy jumpers out and chic new boots, winter can play havoc with your skin. The constant change between the cold outside and hot central heating can leave your skin feeling parched and dull. This is because all the changes in temperature can leave its protective layer damaged making it feel dry and stressed. What’s more with the party season around the corner you can’t afford to let your skin look terrible but to add insult to injury it too can wreck havoc on your looks with all the alcohol, naughty food and late nights starting to show. So what can you do to keep it looking fabulous whatever the British weather chucks at us?

Winterproof you skin

With a few simple tips you can keep your skin looking radiant this witner. Photo: codrin


The problem with winter is the moment you heat your home you skin is going to get dried out while alcohol isn’t great at keeping your skin looking moist either. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure you keep your body and skin hydrated but this has to come from within – it’s an old tip, but it does work, you need to make sure you drink lots of water to keep your skin in the best condition.


Because your skin is drier it is important to use a good moisturiser to help lock in its natural oils. When the weather gets colder you don’t still venture out in the summer clothes you would have worn in August, and the same should be said for your skincare regime. A richer moisturiser is going to be needed to deal with dry skin and you should apply it twice a day. This is to make sure your skin is protected from the harsh elements during the day and is allowed to repair itself over night. A moisturising facial can also help keep your skin looking fantastic and will help get rid of all those dry flaky bits that make it look dull and lifeless.

Get 40 winks


Sleep you way to clear skin

Sleep your way to clear skin. Photo: /Danilo Rizzuti

It may sound like a bit of a cliché but try and get as many good night’s sleep as you can because tired skin is going to be more sensitive to the outside elements. It’s also going to look dull and stressed so try to schedule a few nights off to let your skin recover.

Use mild soaps and detergents

You don’t want to do anything that is going to strip the valuable moisture that is left in your skin so switch to gentle cleansers when washing. That way you can preserve the natural oils that your skin already has which will help it looking moist. Also if your skin is feeling a bit sensitive it’s more likely to flare up from any harsh chemicals in the cleanser so a mild option is going to be your best bet. While if you are getting a facial opt for something like an Ayurvedic facial as that is great for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Wrap up

It’s also important to protect your skin from the wind and cold with hats and scarves etc and it also might help stop you getting a cold – and we all know that a streaming red nose isn’t a good look.

While winter may play havoc on your skin with a few simple tweeks to your beauty regime you can look fab right through the cold snap.