Immediate correction of scars with dermafillers at seven kings

May 25, 2012

Dermal fillers are materials used on the face to enhance the overall appearance of the face non-surgically. These fillers have proven efficient in treating lips, mouth corners, chin, and nose and used in the correction of wrinkles and scars. These fillers are manufactured using different materials ranging from synthetic to natural materials. Consult an expert dermatologist and understand how these fillers functions and about the benefits. Sometimes, dermatologist use Botox injection in conjunction with these fillers to treat wrinkles, facial creases and other skin treatments. The treatments do not provide a permanent solution, nevertheless if repeated on a regular basis will help the user achieve better results.

For more than a century derma fillers have benefitted its patients with a youthful look. Experts follow a simple rule when injecting a patient with these fillers. Excess fat from the body is surgically removed and inserted into other regions of the body where the fat needed. These fillers are available in six different types namely the juvederm, restylane, perlane, sculptra, radiesse and evolence. Juvederm adds hydration to the face and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. On the other perlane is injected into the face to reduce facial folds. This filler type adds volume to the face.

Sculptra is injected beneath the skin and increases the thickness of the skin. This filler is considered safe and compatible to use. Radiesse provides an attractive look to the face and stimulates the production of collagen. Restylane is the world’s leading filler and provides a younger looking skin. The last filler type, Evolence is the latest breakthrough in treating the signs of aging. The skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated with 99% visible reduction in facial lines, folds and wrinkles. In addition, this filler type restores facial structure and increases the volume of the skin. Evolence could prove expensive but it is worth the money.

The usage of derma fillers have increased every year consistently. Except for Evolence, the other filler types are less expensive and do not involve any surgical procedures. These fillers provide people with an alternative to expensive surgeries and are safe for skin.