Is Splashlight the new ombre?

August 26, 2013

It seems that experimenting with your hair colour is a key trend at the moment. We’ve had ombre and even rainbow hair and now the latest hair colour seems to be splashlight hair. The technique was pioneered by New York colourist Aura Friedman and basically involves getting a streak of highlights that move across the head horizontally. In fact, the idea is meant to look like you are standing under a spotlight.


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However, there is more to it than just bleaching a line of hair as a good colourist will in fact, if they are following the trend correctly, lighten a horizontal layer including the under layers and from there they will work outwards. From there they will dye the hair above and below the splashlight in a similar to the natural hair shade.


So could it be the next big hair trend? Well Friedman certainly has an impressive track record when it comes to trend setting- including the very famous Ombre look and with New York Fashion week just a few weeks away it could be a massive look all over the catwalk.

Is it for me?

Well it is certainly a dramatic look which will definitely get you noticed when out and about but if done well it can also look really pretty with the halo affect looking even slightly angelic. If you have layered hair this will look amazing as a more subtle colour can be put through the hair’s middle section so it shows when it moves and if you opt for a colour that isn’t that different to your natural shade it will create lots of depth and even make it look thicker and more voluminous.


When it comes to hair colour if you are naturally blonde it won’t show up that well in your hair (but will be nice and subtle) and while it looks better on brunettes it can be adapted to most hair colours.


However, it is a high maintenance look and not one if you have short hair as it will look too severe. Instead, you will want to try it on medium to longer lengths as that will look far better. Another thing to consider is that you will need to make regular visits to your hairdresser to keep it looking its best while using bleach is going to affect the condition of your hair. Therefore, make sure your hair is in tip-top condition before you opt for the technique as if it isn’t in good condition the effect will not look great. So make sure you book in for lots of conditioning treatments so the dye looks angelic and not dry.


However, if this look really isn’t for you then there are simpler alternatives as it has some similarities to the shine line that was around a few years ago where bleach was put through fringes or where there are sharp graphic lines and then toned with colours slightly lighter than your natural colour so will be a subtle take on the trend.