Is your hair ageing you?

Is your hair ageing you?

Well we all know that the health of your skin is a good indicator of how old you look and if there is one thing us girls are good at it is making our face look as good as it can. In fact, with procedures such as Botox, fillers and CACI non-surgical facials it can be really easy to have a young looking face. However, there is one area that some women neglect is their hair. OK so we know that grey hair makes you look older but even something as simple as the cut of your hair can impact your appearance. And let’s face it after spending money on your skincare regime you don’t want to be let down by your hair – especially when something as simple as new haircut can knock year’s off how old you look – so much so you may even shock your loved ones with how fab you look.


So what should you bear in mind when thinking about how to style your hair in order to look like you have been drinking from the fountain of youth? Is your hair ageing you?



OK let’s start with colour because we all know that grey hair is a dead giveaway that you are getting old (or at least leaving your 20s) but there is more to hair colour than just covering up a few greys. What looked cool and edgy when you were in your early 20s may not look so good past your 30s and may even look quelle horreur brassy and brash.

The most important thing to remember when getting your hair coloured is to avoid a montone look like the plague. Whatever, your hair colour monotone isn’t flattering on anybody. This is because if you have a flat hair colour it will look like a wig and that then will age you. So opt for highlights and lowlights to break up the blocks of colour. That said you need to make sure that the colour framing your face is right a good colourist will be able to strategically place your highlights and lowlights so they really show of your best features – the idea is that your hair should be brightest around the face and darker underneath so that your skin looks warmer and more youthful.


Finally, when it comes to hair colour don’t forget about the tone you choose and quite simply the warmer the shade the younger you will look. So if you are blonde ditch the white tones in favour of a more golden look while brunettes should go for caramel tones rather than ashy ones.


Cut and style

So you’ve got your colour right but you still feel that your hair is making you look a bit older well now is the time to look at the cut and style of your hair.  There’s an old adage that as you get older your hair should get shorter but that’s not true instead it is all about the right cut. So anything that is too straight or severe will age you – instead go for a cut that is soft and layered and frames the face nicely and of course will show of your fab skin as well. However, while a classic look is fab whatever your age (so think a Kate Middleton style cut or a bob) but  a cut that was the IT cut 10 years ago will just look dated (look back at your favourite teen programmes to see what we mean) so go classic not dated and you will look younger.

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