Keeping crows feet at bay with Botox

Keeping crows feet at bay with Botox

crows feet treatment removal botox london botox essexEven those who don’t consider themselves to be displaying any outward signs of ageing may have noticed lines appearing at the corners of their eyes when they smile or squint. These are crows feet and can appear at any time but are more likely to be first noticeable in our early 30’s. Unless stopped in their tracks they will continue to deepen and become more prominent as we age, but this is very much dependent on skin type, skin care regime and lifestyle.

The usual suspects such as drinking, smoking, bad diet and exposure to the sun are always mentioned in any article which relates to the ageing process of the face, and crows feet are very much in the mix. Help is at hand of course, and those repelled by those ‘laugh lines’ have several options if they refuse to age gracefully and want to keep their youthful looks for as long as possible.


The number one minimal invasive beauty treatment in the world is generally thought of as those injections in the forehead which render the top half of you face inactive. It is actually a highly effective weapon in the battle against ageing, and only those who have gone over the top will take on the permanent appearance of a rabbit caught in the headlights. When used to treat crows feet the botox will both soften those lines and give an altogether younger look. The anti-ageing jab being injected in the most sensitive area around the eye, what could possibly go wrong? Absolutely nothing if the process is administered by a reputable and experienced clinician. Avoid too good to be true offers and check out the clinics credentials.

Derma Roller

The do it yourself beauty treatment that resembles a middle ages instrument of torture is currently selling like hot cakes. Whilst there are mixed reviews online the old adage ‘you can’t please everyone’ comes into play, and those who have persevered with their derma roller and have sussed out the pressure to apply it with are singing its praises right across the net.

The roller works by a multitude of hair fine needles piercing the epidermis to stimulate the lower layers which tend to go to sleep and never wake up the older we get. That cosmetic buzz word Collagen is the key to the derma roller, as it stimulates production even when we thought it had long left the building.

Derma rollers is not a new concept as microneedling has been around for eons, but the fact you can use it in your own home is the big appeal. You will not get the effect with this product that you get from Botox for obvious reasons, but a softening of the crows feet and the huge monetary saving are enough for millions of women.

There is also a down time with this product as you may suffer a bit of bruising and those who use it for the first time have reported it being painful. The latter is easily dealt with thanks to an application of cream which numbs the area before use, the former is very much dependent on the pressure you apply the roller with.

Regardless, both the anti-ageing procedures are the best in the industry for quick, convenient and effective results. Must-try for Spring/Summer.

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