Laser Hair Removal – 4th Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure!

June 28, 2014

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The season is well and truly upon us where skin that has been hidden away for months now has to be displayed for all and sundry. Whatever your own personal opinion regarding the socio-political stance of female depilatory, the simple fact is that the majority are now frantically removing hair from legs, underarms and bikini lines with gay abandon, and shedding boatloads of money in the process. Those who revel in their hirsuteness should invest in a kaftan and leave the room now….

Creams, wipes, wax, razors, there are numerous ways of removing hairs from areas and all have their pros and cons. The only way to kiss, for want of a better term and some contortionist skills would be required, goodbye to hair forever is through laser hair removal. The laser zaps the follicle of the hair so it won’t grow again, an easy enough process until you consider how many hair follicles there are and discover you could spend months on just one armpit.

The promise of having your hair removed permanently is one tempting carrot. Think of the time you will save never having to do this beauty chore ever again, and while the cost may seem expensive think how much money you are spending on your treatments. Those who use a disposable razor that also removes the skin around the hair might not buy into this but you can’t please everybody.

According to a study in 2013, laser hair removal has risen up the ranks to reach the lofty heights of 4th most popular procedure that involves the minimum of invasion. The top 3 are botox (shock), fillers and chemical peels. It is the time involved in the process which pushes up the cost as you usually have to have 2 sessions to see a result and you may need up to 8 to achieve true hairlessness, and that is per armpit.

The result of this is the inevitable flooding of the market of home laser hair removal products. As with everything else there are good ones and awful ones, and it isn’t necessarily the latter that are the cheapies. Forget those which promise the best results in half the time, unless you have shed half your hair follicles overnight then there is no way you can achieve faster results, and the fact you are doing it yourself, often with mirrors involved, this is a ludicrous claim when compared to you lying on your back getting zapped by a professional.

The reason why multiple sessions are needed for laser hair removal is not just the amount of follicles, it is due to the fact they have to be killed during an active growth spurt. As every hair has a different cycle to its peers, it is impossible to do them all at once. A lot of women are now opting for the thinning of their hair and can manage what’s left themselves with a razor or whatever their personal preference for hair removal is.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you get pregnant, those crazy hormones can cause hair to grow in places that were previously treated to a state of being as smooth as the bottom of the baby they are carrying. In this instance laser removal may not be completely permanent, so the timing is very much up to you.