Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Permanent Facial Hair Removal

One of the most demanded services in the permanent hair removal sector, men and women often cannot go back to using razors, tweezers, threading or waxing creams once they have personally experienced the convenience and the flawless results derived from IPL and Electrolyses. Besides giving one peace of mind that stubble will not grow in the middle of the day, such permanent hair removal methods avoid any scabs or injuries you might suffer on your face via temporary hair removal methods, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.

If your job involves representing your company and face to face consumer or colleague interaction, the importance of permanent facial hair removal will be invaluable to you. Tedious and time consuming methods of facial hair removal that only relieve you temporary of hair growth are a thing of the past if you’re a busy individual and don’t want to devote much time to this.  Laser treatments offer permanent hair removal, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted peach fuzz ever again. For men, Laser hair removal is a great alternative to daily shaving, bruises, cuts and ingrown hair problems that follow it. It can help you achieve that well-groomed polished appearance.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal For the Face

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Does not irritate sensitive skin
  • Does not irritate hair follicles
  • No stubble guaranteed
  • No shadows or uneven pigmentation
  • No pain – just a prickling sensation
  • One off set of treatments

Permanent Underarm Laser Hair Removal

No one likes sweaty underarms which can mostly be caused by dense and thick hair growth in that area. The less hair you have in that area, the more easy it is to keep it hygienic and sweat free for longer. Genetics and ethnicity can cause thicker and faster underarm hair growth in some more than others which can cause inconvenience when required to be shaved and waxed. Research shows that armpit hair growth is the fastest on the body which can explain why consumers end up spending tonnes on hair removal products as it slowly becomes a daily necessity disrupting your daily activities and occupying your hectic schedule. Just a few sittings of Laser Hair Removal Treatment can stop underarm hair growth substantially, leaving you feeling fresh and looking hair-free for longer. 

Permanent Back Hair Removal

An odd area of the body that is prone to excessive hair growth especially amongst men. Odd because it is difficult and inconvenient to reach with waxing products, shaving creams and even razors, not to forget the sharp pain that accompanies it. Similarly for women who want to wear a backless dress or want to have smooth, silky skin for bikini holidays, it is not feasible to wax and bleach especially if you have other things on your mind or a juggling a career and a family. No need to go through the embarrassment and frustration of back hair and instead get rid of it forever using successful and long term permanent techniques such as IPL Laser Hair Removal.  

Permanent Bikini Line Hair Removal

With skyrocket demands for Bikini Hair Removal using IPL Laser Treatment, it can be a hush hush affair even for you. The pain of waxing in the delicate area around the bikini line is dreaded by many and so is the problem of ingrown hair and stubble when shaving, that is never a good look while sporting a bikini. The only solution to a smooth, flawless and hair-free bikini line that shows no tell-tale signs of hair removal is opting for a technologically advanced treatment such as IPL laser hair removal. 

Permanent Leg Hair Removal

Extremely fast growth is one of the major complaints from women regarding hair growth on the thigh and leg area. Not only does the surface area of these body parts tend to be larger occupying more time  when shaving or waxing, they also tend to stay exposed in the majority of women whilst wearing shorts, skirts, dresses and so on throughout the year. Hair removal creams have a tendency to leave back a few hairs to be treated again, shaving can leave unsightly stubble and waxing can be extremely painful for many. The battle for exquisitely smooth skin in women around the leg and thigh area can be won by IPL Laser hair removal that stops hair growth completely and leaves you with celebrity like smooth skin every day.