What is Permanent Hair Removal?

permanent hair removal east london-essexHair on the body looks only great in the form of glossy, long locks and that’s it. Anywhere else and that unwanted peach fuzz becomes a major concern for most men and women be it on the upper lip, chin, legs, underarms, tummy, chest, shoulders, back or the bikini line.

Of course temporary hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing are great for maintenance but can get tedious if you are particularly hairy genetically or ethnically. These are also time consuming, expensive if used regularly and inconvenient for a busy mum or if you work full time. Because hair grows in a cycle, temporary hair removal methods are not highly effective at giving a smooth skin effect, with stubble always being a vital concern on exposed areas of the body.

If you’re tired of the hassle, time and effort that goes into maintaining hair free, silky smooth skin through the out, permanent hair removal methods such as Laser and Electrolyses are the way to go as they do not allow hair to grow after the treatment  giving you 90% hair growth reduction. These have been developed after years of research and have been providing excellent results on clients since decades.

Laser Hair Removal is the only FDA approved treatment to be termed as permanent hair removal method you can trust and one that actually works. A number of sittings will be required in both permanent hair removal treatments as hair grows in cycle and it is important to treat all hair depending on which stage in the cycle they are at. Once these recommended settings are complete, hair growth is eliminated permanently giving you full peace of mind.

Most hair removal techniques are technically hair reduction processes. The services offered would reduce the amount of hair on your body but not remove them forever. That means you cannot get 100% elimination of unwanted hair. However, permanent hair removal treatments such as Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal allows complete and long lasting hair removal because each and every hair is treated individually and removed. The hair follicles are burnt in this case thus inhibiting any further hair growth.