Look younger this Christmas with Shumaila’s

Look younger this Christmas with Shumaila’s



If you ask a lot of women what they want for Christmas for a lot of them it would probably be to look younger. However, for a lot it seems a little bit like a Christmas wish too far but that doesn’t have to be the case instead with a few key treatments you could be looking younger this festive season.


So by now you are probably thinking that to achieve this wish you will have to go under the knife and get a face lift but that is not the case at all – you just need to book into Shumaila’s.  We have a number of treatments that you can have (that all non-invasive) which will help you look and feel younger.


photo: freedigitalphotos.net/Ambro

photo: freedigitalphotos.net/Ambro



If there is one anti-aging treatment that everybody has heard of it has to be Botox. This is because Botox is very effective at smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The idea behind it is the jab is that it smoothes out wrinkles by stopping the nerve impulses from sending signals to your brain stopping lines from forming. The needle itself if finer than a hair and most people don’t feel it and within 15 minutes the fluid is absorbed leaving almost instant effects and no recovery period so you really could look younger in time for Christmas.


Dermal fillers

Another really great anti-aging treatment for dealing with wrinkles is dermal fillers – these are simply natural, biodegradable gel like substance that is of non-animal origin and usually known as the ‘liquid face lift’. The idea is that Dermal Fillers, particularly Juvederm Ultra which we use, are made of naturally depleting substances in the human body such as hyaluronic acid so they replenish collagen and elastic levels.  Therefore, the gel lifts the skin and fills the area being treated making it look plumper and firmer.


What’s more the process only takes around 15 mins and the needles so fine it is non-invasive leaving looking younger from within.


CACI facelift

However, if you want dramatic results you have to go under the knife right? Well wrong actually because you can have a facelift without having surgery with a CACI non-surgical facelift. Well in the words of the famous ad – here comes the science bit –  a Computer Aided Collagen Induction (CACI) non-invasive facelift promotes collagen, decreases pigmentation as well as increasing blood circulation to the face so overall your face looks younger and fresher.  So you can get drastic results and most importantly look younger all from your beauty salon and it’s nowhere near a surgeon’s scalpel.


If you want to look younger this Christmas you don’t need magical fairy dust or even go under the knife instead why not book in  for a consultation for Shumaila’s where we can find the best treatment for your needs.

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