MAC 168 Dupe – Shumaila’s Large Angled Contour Brush

March 9, 2015

Formed of finely bundled brush hairs that are buffed at the edges, this white haired beauty has been a firm favourite of celebrities and make-up artists globally. Having become a rage a few years ago when makeup enthusiasts realised there was more to the brush than simply contouring the face, it’s been a sure staple since then. It’s rare white hair bristles, super soft brush hairs, light yet firm resistance, rounded edges and a small diameter work together at creating a foolproof face and cheek product that cannot be replicated. We’re talking about the MAC 168 dupe namely Shumaila’s Large Angled Contour Brush.

It has been tightly tied and glued from the ferrule so there’s no shedding of brush hairs which can be annoying. There’s also no problem of bleeding in this brush as the white brush hairs do not bleed colour on washing. The angled shape makes it easier to get into the nook and crannies of the face in a natural, effortless manner. The slightly dense, resistant yet flexible brush hairs ensure product can be applied in a stippling manner, strokes or circular motions. Below is why our clients and make-up artists love this MAC 168 dupe. Besides it being affordable at £8 compared to a whopping £27 compared to MAC, there’s more things to love in this brush than merely the price.

For Face Sculpting Newbies. Contouring and bronzing can be difficult to get a grasp of in terms of their differences, let alone trying to master the technique. For starters, contouring is to give shape to your face, adding shadows and sculpting it literally using cool toned shades. Bronzing on the other hand is to add warmth and colour to a face, to resemble a sunkissed glow. Sculpting products should be mattte and bronzing products can contain a sheen. How this MAC 168 dupe comes into action is through it unique shade that easily fits the contours of the face and allows you to shade and sharpen features as you wish.

For Cream, Liquid & Mousse Cheek Products. Make-up artists love this MAC 168 dupe brush because it’s unique brush hairs allow one to work with all sorts of make-up formulas. Especially when working with cheek products, this can be an often occurrence which may not work well with regular brushes. The rounded brush hairs ensure product is buffed in and blended whilst it is applied, leaving less work for you to do. The long handle ensures it sits comfortably in the hand and gives a professional look and feel. If synthetic brushes are too rigid for you when it comes to cream, liquid or mousse product application, this large angled contour brush will certainly help with precise placement.

For an Airbrushed Foundation Application. Foundation application can be tricky. Of course half your job is done if you can find yourself the right foundation. But even then, application tools matter to a large extent and can define how the end result looks like. For a streak-free finish in particular, that’s light to medium in coverage and looks modern and well blended – our make-up artists adore this MAC 168 dupe. It doesn’t create streaks like a traditional foundation brush nor does it soak up liquid like other goat hair brushes. Picking up just the right amount of product, you can give yourself a celebrity like flawless face in a jiffy. Simply dab some foundation on the back of your hand, dot it with the brush and then blend away for pure perfection.

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