Millie Mackintosh marries Professor Green: Wedding beauty tips

September 16, 2013

When Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh married her fiancé Professor Green last week the bash was set to be one of the most fashionable of the year. The MIC star has always been known for her flawless fashion sense and amazing natural beauty and she didn’t disappoint at her wedding to rapper Green.


Photo: Instagram/camillamackintosh

Photo: Instagram/camillamackintosh


Wearing a vintage style Temperley dress with her hair in a chic braided updo but one of the things that really stood out about Mackintosh’s wedding look is how great her skin looked – she looked flawless on the big day. So if you are getting married this year or even next what can you learn from her fab wedding look? Here are a few key wedding beauty tips.


Do your prep

Millie certainly took time to make sure her skin was perfect for the big day and employed the services of skincare expert Elizabeth Caroline who worked with her in the weeks leading up to the big day to ensure she had a flawless look. Caroline gave the star a number of treatments, including a 24kt gold mask, to give her that famous glow.


While most of us probably can’t afford to have gold masks that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bespoke skincare regime. In the months leading up to the big day it’s a great idea to book in for a facial and spend time speaking to a beautician who can advise you of the best regime to keep your skin in perfect condition for your wedding day.



Pretty much every bride gets stressed when planning their wedding – from guest lists to family squabbles and just the logistics of getting the perfect day can take its toll so ensure you have time to relax. The problem is if you get stressed out it can affect your skin leading to breakouts and other issues. Therefore, Elizabeth Caroline ensured that Millie had time to herself to relax and unwind and even recommended she did regular yoga and meditation and designed treatments to help her sleep the night before the wedding.

So make sure you take time for you – whether it is a relaxing massage or manicure, a session of yoga or taking time to indulge in a favourite hobby take a step back once in a while. What’s more not only will it be good for your skin but it will also stop you becoming a bridezilla which you fiancé will probably appreciate.


Match your hair style to your dress

Not only was Millie’s plaited up do incredibly fashion forward (the look has just been spotted on the fashion week catwalks – so Ms Mackingtosh is clearly a bit of a trend setter) the romantic, vintage look went perfectly with her Temperley dress with its soft and beautiful lace detailing. The style not only suited her perfectly (which is key if you want to look back on your wedding photos and not recognise yourself) it also went well with the romantic feel of the rest of her look.


So when choosing a hairstyle think about your entire look and how it matches that and also try to think whether you will still be in love with the look in 20 year’s time – which is a key consideration.