Movember treatments

November 3, 2013

If there is one month when men’s grooming and beauty is truly in the spotlight it has to be November (well Movember!). As part of Movember men across the country will be growing moustaches to raise money for men’s health issues. Let’s face it us girls always get the headlines when it comes to beauty so maybe it’s time the boys get attention when it comes to beauty.

So for all the MoBros who are growing their moustaches for charity this month we have a roundup of some great beauty treatments which may not make your Mo grow better but will give all those MoBros a much deserved treat.


Photo: razvan ionut

Photo: razvan ionut

Traditional wet shave

If you are true dapper MoBro then why not book in for a traditional wet shave (letting your barber know that you want to keep the Mo off course). They will be able pamper you and help keep your Mo looking truly groomed and get rid of that distracting beard.



So if you are growing your Mo you may feel a little stressed trying to get a stylish and groomed moustache so why not take some time out of growing that Mo and have a relaxing massage. You’ll be given some well-deserved relaxation time as will distress you and make you feel like a million dollars so you can wear that Mo with pride.


Getting a wax is no longer the preserves of the women as some top groomed men, like Daniel Craig and David Beckham, prove a lot of men now get waxed. However, if you are getting waxed you don’t necessarily have to get all your hair waxed off instead you can just use the treatment to look groomed and stylish.


Get a hair cut


If you are showing off a stylish Mo this Movember then why not show it off to its full potential with a fab new haircut. Let’s face it if you have put all that effort into growing a fab Mo you want the rest of you to look fab so book in for a haircut that will show off your new Mo in all its glory.



Even if your Mo is looking fab your skin could really let you down so book in for a relaxing facial to clear your skin and rid it of any dead skin that could leave it looking dull and lacklustre. By getting a facial you will leave the salon glowing and looking amazing which will show off all your Movember hard work to its fullest.